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Start creating smarter workflows by leveraging all of Microsoft Word capabilities together with the power of Salesforce using Titan Docs.

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Dynamic Titan Word Integration

Everyone knows that Microsoft Word is the answer to creating a beautiful, designed, branded, and complex document. Titan has partnered with Microsoft Office to elevate your Titan Microsoft Word experience for your benefit. Start creating smarter Salesforce workflows by leveraging all of Microsoft Word capabilities together with the power of Salesforce using Titan Docs.

Exclusive to Titan is our Microsoft Word add-in that helps your business generate documents with data pulled directly from your Salesforce system in real-time. Use Titan to generate, work with, and save your documents in Salesforce or any other external service of your choice.

Titan provides your business with a no-code solution to expand your digital experiences today!

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word

What is Titan’s Answer to Microsoft Word and Salesforce?

Titan is a certified Microsoft partner and allows your business to create seamless templates with the addon for MS Word. Transform your business with Titan to award your business the option of generating documents and true Docx files from Salesforce.

Keep in mind that these documents will consist of merged data dynamically pulled from Salesforce or dynamic online forms!

How Titan Elevates Microsoft Word?

It’s no secret that Titan can merge your data into Microsoft Word templates to create generated documents from Salesforce! Start creating streamlined contracts, quotes, letters, reports, and more with your Salesforce system.

Here are a few essential points demonstrating the robustness and flexibility of Titan in Microsoft Word:


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Firstly download and install our MS Word add-on from the official Office store.
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Use and access the Titan add-on anywhere you like! We are available on MS Word – Office 365 and directly within MS Word 2016 and up!
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Create templates with Titan so that your generated documents from Salesforce will contain dynamic data!
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Generate documents using Titan’s nimble automation features that save time and collect accurate Salesforce data.
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Complete your document journey with Titan’s electronic and digital signature elements.
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Give your business teams the option to work solely in MS Word without the need to login to Titan or Salesforce.

The Convenience of Microsoft Word

Titan is the most well-suited tool for populating Microsoft Word documents with multiple Salesforce objects at just a click of a button. Workflow processes are a breeze when combined with Titan’s automated features.

We can help you connect your custom Microsoft Word documents, Salesforce templates, and processes with Salesforce to work more quickly and efficiently. Contact Titan on one of our social media channels below and extend your digital experience with Microsoft Word today!

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