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Titan Email bounce

Example of the error message:

Email bounced {email address}, Please use your own custom mail server or send via Salesforce.

On which product will you see the error?

All Titan products

Why did you get this error?

You are using the Titan mail server to send emails. In case three emails in a row bounce, the Titan email server will block your emails being sent from Titan, and all emails from your account via the Titan server will be suspended for three days. This is to protect the integrity of the Titan email server. Any emails that you try to send during the blocked period will be lost completely.

After five days, you will be able to send emails via the Titan server again.

How can you fix the error?

Titan clients can send emails using any of the following methods:

  • Via Salesforce
  • Via Titan
  • Via their own SMTP mail server

Titan’s best practice is that clients should send emails via Salesforce or their own SMTP server.

Learn how to send emails via Salesforce or your organization’s SMTP server.

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