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Invalid_Query_Filter_Operator in Titan

Example of the full error message:

Contact INVALID_QUERY_FILTER_OPERATOR: SELECT Id, Name FROM Contact WHERE Id LIKE ‘%0038d00000MU0daAAD%’ LIMIT ^ ERROR at Row:1:Column:37 invalid operator on id field

On which product will you see the error?

Any Titan product

Why did you get this error?

An incorrect SOQL Query was used. Salesforce is expecting a different type of operator than what you mapped in the connector.

How can you fix the error?

This error most commonly occurs when you are using IDs (for example, recordIDs).

  • Salesforce allows you to use “equals” for a single ID.
  • If you use multiple IDs, you can use the “in” operator.

Use the Operation drop-down list to select the “Equals” or “IN” option, for example:

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