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Example of the full error message:

[Object Name] STRING_TOO_LONG: [field name]: data value too large: [value] (max length=[number])

On which products will you see the error?

All Titan products.

Why did you receive this error message?

You will see this error when you try to Push a Create or Update action to Salesforce and you map a value to a field where the value exceeds the length of the field in Salesforce. In other words, if you try to push a field to Salesforce that is 100 characters long, but the field can only hold 80 characters, you will receive this error.

How can you fix the error?

There are two options to fix the error:

Fix in Salesforce

Fix in Titan

  • Update the Push mapping fields according to your Salesforce field limits.
  • Limit the value with Value Rules so customers won’t be able to enter longer values that will fail the Push.
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