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Salesforce Education Cloud for K-12 Leverages TITAN Technology

Promoting Communication and Family Engagement with Connected Data in Salesforce

How can educators leverage parental involvement to connect parents to their child’s education? 

Simple answer: Salesforce Education Cloud!

In this Use Case, you will learn how educators at K-12 schools are strengthening family engagement with Titan, a powerful and robust integrated platform built for Salesforce.

Simplify Communication and Interactions with Parents in Salesforce

Educators at a public High School in North Carolina noticed that students’ grades were slipping; they did not complete assignments and homework timeously, and, most importantly, absenteeism was rising.

After a long and tiring day of classroom instruction, lesson plans, and grading assignments, educators found it challenging to set aside time to make calls or write notes to parents.

K12 Schools Leverage Salesforce Education Cloud

“Teacher-parent communication is essential for a student’s academic and social success.”


The Principal stated that the schools’ current student information systems were not robust enough to boost communication and family engagement and regularly connect with parents.

K-12 Schools Extending their Salesforce Education Cloud Capabilities

Prior to the High School adopting Salesforce, critical administrative tasks such as  student enrollment, student success, grants, and fund management were done via manual process.

However, the school needed to move from paper to online forms, allowing parents to access information on their children in a time, place, and manner that works for them.

The educators and Principal knew it was time to build parent partnerships by extending the schools’ Salesforce system capabilities.

The Principal believed that an essential requirement was to allow parents to choose from various communication options, including push notifications and email notifications via the web app.

The school required a solution to create custom apps and templates that support the school’s educational model with clicks, not code.

After reviewing Titan, the school realized they could leverage its Salesforce platform to connect educators and parents in real-time.

Titan Web for Salesforce K-12 Powered Schools

Customizing the Salesforce Education Cloud K-12 Architecture Kit,  Titan deployed an online portal where parents can communicate with educators view grades, assessment scores, attendance, and events, and much more.

The online portal was designed to provide parents with essential information to drive more meaningful conversations with their children and educators. This can include the student’s attendance, learning milestones, and even health reports.

The Titan team streamlined and digitized the school’s communication and family engagement process by extending the Education Cloud Platform.

To encourage usage of the online portal, the school sends out newsletters, sharing updates on the school’s activities and achievements.

Student Engagement increases by 60% with Titan’s online portal

Titan Improves Collaboration and Family Engagement in the Education Cloud

Administrators at the High School went from tracking student and family information in filing cabinets to centrally managing all data on a single intuitive online platform.

Additionally, the parent portal leverages automated workflows to give the Principal and educators the same seamless experience, whichever product they use.

Titan’s online parent portal allows educators and parents to track student attendance and view their grades, providing parents with information to communicate better with their children and educators.

“We chose Titan because its user interface is simple and easy for both our parents and educators to use, and the integration with Salesforce is seamless.”

Deputy Principal

How did Titan Web help the school succeed in a technologically-advanced education space?

Listed below are some of the robust features available on a parents’ portal, including:

1. Smart V Authentication

Smart V login also helps ensure the security of children’s information. Each parent has a secure login and can only access information about their child and their account.

2. Student Attendance Dashboard

Parents log into the app and view the days their child has been present and absent from school.

3. Academic Progress Dashboard

Parents get easy access to their child’s academic progress in the classroom. They can view detailed weekly/monthly reports of their child’s performance in assignments, tests, and participation in classroom activities.

4. Notifications and Messaging Chats

Educators no longer have to worry about parents missing out on parent meetings. The teacher sends a message or an invitation via the app, allowing direct communication with the parent.

Parents can ask questions and seek assistance by sending messages, and educators can provide answers on a secure platform.

Virtual calendars can be updated by parents and educators from their mobile devices

5. Virtual Calendar

Parents can view event dates on a virtual calendar in the app, from school events to annual celebrations, school closures, and holidays.

6. Online Payments

A built-in payment feature automates the payment process, allowing parents to make payments and update their billing information online at their convenience.

This nifty feature helps the school avoid late payments, reduces the administrative burden of invoicing, and allows parents to not worry about sending cash with their children to school.

Titan delivers Personalised Parent, Educator, and Student Experiences

The impact and results of the Titan communication and family engagement portal are undeniable.

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Titan created landing pages, forms, portals, and more without code.
light blue tick item
The school has seen a significant increase in admissions and enrolment and a decrease in absenteeism.
light blue tick item
Staff productivity has improved due to a reduction in manual data entry.
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Parents’ events are coordinated more efficiently, with parents receiving reminder notifications.
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The High School has created intuitive newsletters and web pages with conditional logic and stunning features like our web stepper, tabs, modals, repeat strips, and more.
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The school got a customizable platform that integrates well with Salesforce objects.
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Titan provides added security to the online portal with a SmartV offering and safeguards sensitive information against unauthorized access.
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Create objects and fields customized for their specific requirements, allowing you to do annual reporting, enrolment stats, and more with information previously housed in spreadsheets.
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Share bi-directional documents with the ability to push and pull real-time data directly from Salesforce databases.

Now that you know how Titan and Salesforce Education Cloud can integrate seamlessly, contact Titan for a demo.

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