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Accelerating Salesforce Customer Engagement in the Experience Cloud

Deliver connected Digital Experiences in Salesforce

Are you looking to elevate customer engagement with an intuitive web app but need to know which solution will be great for your business?

With numerous web app solutions out in the market, it can become complex to choose a tool that offers user-friendly features and benefits suited to your business.

You are on the right page.

Read how this cloud solutions consulting firm partnered with Titan Web to create a custom web application directly from Salesforce using Titan’s drag-and-drop web page builder without writing code.

Your vision, Our Process, Equals your Business Success in Salesforce

As a Salesforce partner, the consulting firm offers personalized and cost-effective support for its clients while fully optimizing its customers’ cloud environment.

The consulting firm’s outcomes-based approach ensures customers receive added value from every engagement with complete transparency by providing businesses with the necessary tools required for cloud transformation.

Serving clients globally, the consulting firm wanted a robust integrated Salesforce solution to transform its current internal customer engagement platform, which it found challenging to support.

The Sales Solution Architect approached Titan to help recreate their platform with custom components that fit the consulting firm’s and customers’ needs. The data needed to be accessible, visually appealing, and easy to use.

Create custom web apps directly from Salesforce with Titan

Reinvent Customer Engagement Platforms in Salesforce Experience Cloud

“After many discussions and workshops, we found Titan to provide the best Salesforce experience for our customers. We chose Titan Web because it’s a state-of-the-art platform that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and other solutions.”

Sales Solution Architect

Titan makes every Admissions Experience in Salesforce Effortlessly

To deliver a tailored experience to its customers, the consultant firm provided a list of requirements:

The platform must have an interactive menu to include tabs such as Services, Dashboard, Success, Technical Support, Bills, Invoices, and General issues.
Customers must be able to create and track support cases.
Integrate Titan with their current customer engagement platform to seamlessly share information about customers between team members.
Enable customers to securely sign into the web portal with an email address.
The Salesforce customer engagement platform must support user identity, permissions, audit, and access management to comply with relevant regulations.
The platform must be able to track customer cases on one platform and view the impact of interactions with customers in real-time.
Easy access to table views, list views, and power tables.
The platform must be able to collaborate from any device.
Titan integrates 100% with Salesforce

Connecting you with Opportunities in the Salesforce Experience Cloud

The use of customer engagement/support portals has developed rapidly in recent years. With Titan as a trusted Salesforce platform, the consulting firm quickly achieved the required results.

In order to create a seamless customer experience, Titan gave the customer engagement team a sneak preview of its new and improved cloud customer engagement platform.

Listed below are a few of the dynamic custom features of the platform improving customer experience across channels.

Smart V Authentication Log In

As per request, Titan delivered. The consulting firm’s customers login with their email address to enter the portal via Smart V authentication. The customers can access the portal without having an individual Salesforce account.

Services Tab

light blue tick item
Your Engage Team – Users can view the details of the customer engagement and escalation path team members.
light blue tick item
Cases within three months by Status and Type – The user can view a dashboard summary of current Cases, support metrics, and more. The team achieved this using Titan Dashboards and Titan Power Tables.
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AvgCAST – (average customer satisfaction score) report displays a breakdown of customer satisfaction information.
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All Services Cases – Using Titan, the team created a power table with dynamic fields displaying a list of current service cases. The customer can search and sort by Case Number, Subject, Status, Created Date, and Case Type.

Creating a New with the relevant Case Record Type

Titan worked with the consulting firm to create a user-centric experience tailored to support the company’s end-to-end processes.

The consulting firm deals with various Case types and support requests.

It has many Case record types: Health Monitoring, Security Management, Invoices/Billing, General Issues, Data Operations, Infrastructure Operations, and more.

The Titan team created an organized menu of Case Record Types using Titan Web, allowing customers to choose the appropriate case type when submitting a service request.

Titan set up the consulting firm’s customer engagement with no effort. Customer cases are now quickly recorded, expertly handled, and resolved through push notifications, automated escalations, and role-specific workflows.

Customer Engagement

Innovate, Grow, and Succeed with Titan Solutions for Salesforce

By combining real-time analytics, a powerful web application, and a suite of engagement tools, Titan Web provides everything the engagement teams need in a single platform.

Thanks to Titan, the consulting firm drives innovation into its business to improve customer experiences. 

The customer engagement team now has real-time access to customer feedback and is empowered to use it to provide better service daily.

The platform enables the consulting firm to make smarter decisions based on accurate data.

“Our customers are our top priority, and we want to build long-lasting and positive relationships through first-class interactions, and with Titan for Salesforce, we are taking the customer experience to a whole new level.”

Sales Solution Architect

Think Digital, Think Transformation with Titan

What is all the hype about Titan for Salesforce?

Titan is 100% integrated into Salesforce and has a unique bi-directional data feature to ensure your data from all web projects are pushed and pulled to Salesforce in real-time.

Our no-code platform is built by Salesforce Architects who know that creating custom web applications helps automate and streamline your business processes by extending your Salesforce capabilities.

Digitization and transformation are a click away.

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