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Banking Solutions – Titan Uniting Digital Experiences

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your banking processes for staff and clients? Want to reach more clients and allow everyone involved to use business time wisely?

Then join us by reading the below use case from a private bank that chose Titan to facilitate rapid change in their organization to meet the demands of the Financial Services industry.

Amplify your Salesforce Experience with Titan

A private bank specializing in corporate, finance, and business solutions noticed that its services rapidly expanded globally in the new year. Clients trying to open up business bank accounts now included a global market that would benefit from a localized web portal.

Banking Experience
Banking Experience

“New businesses need all the hours they can get to ensure that their projects kick off successfully. We need to help our international clients sign up for business bank accounts seamlessly online.”

Project Manager

Banking Customer Experiences: Let’s Face them Together

The private bank needed a solution for worldwide clients that wanted to open up new business accounts. Due to the distance, the private bank required a completely digitized web portal and process to ensure that clients could open up a bank account virtually.

Essentially, the private bank needed to send secure and complex web forms to clients to complete. Additionally, the private bank wanted a feature to allow clients’ decision makers or authorized signers to electronically sign generated documents created from the web forms that could be pushed to Salesforce automatically.

Financial Services Cloud: Sharing Views of Key Insights

After agreeing to a set of criteria for the modern web portal, the Branch Manager handed over the below requirements to Titan to handle:

The private bank needs a secure web portal that is 100% integrated into Salesforce with automatic bi-directional data flows.
A new workflow process is required for the private bank that allows Banking Clerks to send web forms to clients directly from Salesforce.
The web portal requires right-to-left aligned text and layout for Hebrew or Arabic clients.
Clients must sign up for business bank accounts online through the web portal.
International clients call to receive email notifications from a web portal that alerts them of bank account requirements, progress, and delivery of digital documents.
The private bank clearly states they need a simple design for their complicated web forms.
The clients require a way to sign bank account documents electronically.

The Original Banking Process: In-Person Experiences

To open a business account with the private bank, clients need to make an appointment with a Banking Assistant. Clients had to ensure that all parties that needed to sign the documents to open the bank account were also present at the meeting.

The private bank noticed that this initial stage of scheduling everyone to meet at a specific time and place created a slower process overall in signing up for a business bank account.

Digital Banking
Digital Banking

“The paper trails and Document Management process needs an easier way to track and control within our organization.”

Administration Clerk

Deciding to overhaul the manual process of signing up for a bank account would benefit local and international clients. Essentially, saving time for all parties will mean a quicker turnaround for the private bank to help more clients.

Indeed, something had to change!

Make your Salesforce Solutions a Reality

Turning to Titan, the private bank was excited to obtain a new, fully digitized workflow process and modern website.

Follow us below as we share how the private bank now operates in the global digital world.

In Essence: The New Fully Digital Salesforce Process

Logging into Salesforce, the Banking Clerk can click a button in Salesforce that will send a link to a web form to a primary contact’s email address, that is, the client. Titan has also made it possible to view Salesforce in right-to-left languages like Hebrew and Arabic so that the private bank can support the increasing number of global clients who speak these languages.

Now clients receive emails directly from Salesforce, completely styled with the private bank’s unique brand. Embedded in the email is a link to navigate to the web form that needs to be completed to open up a business bank account.

The client can identify themselves by providing their email address and security code when logging into the web portal. Titan can identify through Salesforce if the client is locally based or international and offer a right-to-left Hebrew or Arabic experience for the utmost customer satisfaction. 

In a Nutshell: Instant Collaboration from Anywhere

For international clients, the private bank’s web portal supports two languages, Arabic and Hebrew. The client can choose which language to complete the web form directly in the web portal!

The private bank asked Titan to create a simple and intuitive design for their complicated forms. Titan delivered a powerful web form displayed in a unique stepper design for easy navigation and user comfortability.

Online Collaboration
Online Collaboration

“The stepper design for our web forms categorizes our data beautifully. Clients find that the instructions are easy to follow and they do not feel overwhelmed by the amount of data that they have to provide compared to a single layout web form.”

Wealth Analyst

Integrating Complex Web Forms Effectively with Salesforce

The web form embedded on a single web page and implemented with the stepper design includes six steps or stages for clients to navigate through and fill in data.

Keep reading to get an idea of what Titan has come up for the private bank.

Stepper 1

The first step of the web form is purely informational and pulls data from Salesforce, such as:

salesforce pink tick
The client’s account name
salesforce pink tick
The bank branch to which the account belongs

Additionally, this section of the web form provides the client with the requirements for correctly filling out the web form. Each condition has an i icon that displays detailed information in a pop-up modal when activated to ensure that the client understands what is expected of them in detail.

Stepper 2

The second step of the web form is entirely interactive and is made up of engaging elements, which include:

salesforce pink tick
Text fields
salesforce pink tick
A calendar widget
salesforce pink tick
Drop-down menus

In this section, the client is presented with a pre-filled web form that includes data pulled directly from Salesforce for their company details.

However, the client has the flexibility and freedom to choose a preferred date to report on the date of their company’s board meeting in which the signers decided to approve opening the account. The names of all the participants attending the meeting, the number of people signing up for the bank account, and the signee details will also need to be entered into the web form.

Titan allows clients to add multiple personal details with dynamic repeated elements! All provided data is pushed to Salesforce when the client clicks the Next button.

“This upgrade has been a massive win for streamlining our data capturing and appointment scheduling workflows.”

Service Consultant

Stepper 3

The third section of the web form contains all the services the private bank offers when signing up for a business bank account. By default, all services are selected, but clients can remove any options by unselecting relevant check boxes. The private bank is continuously impressed by the amount of data pushed to Salesforce when the client clicks on the Next button.

Bank Services
Bank Services

Stepper 4

The fourth part of the web form requires details of the lawyer representing the business signing up for the bank account. The lawyer’s details are needed as they will also sign the business bank account documents.

This web form section has a handy lookup field element for cities. Titan pulls this information into the lookup field from data stored directly in Salesforce.

Stepper 5

The fifth section of the web form requires clients to fill in the roles that each signee member has in the company. This part of the web form also has the robust lookup field element for choosing a country that the member resides in.

Remember that this data is all pulled from Salesforce for lookup field elements.

Interestingly, when the client clicks on the Next button at the end of this stepper, Titan does a confirmation with Salesforce and generates a document to be electronically signed. At the same time, Titan pushes all the information to Salesforce!

Stepper 6

The sixth stage of the web form is purely informational and presents a message to the client to indicate that the process has been successfully finished.

Now the client can sign the generated document from their email. Keep in mind, that the generated document will be sent to signers sequentially, starting with the first contact person assigned in the private bank’s web form. 

Titan Sign’s Easy User Interface

The signing process starts with the first signer receiving a link sent to their email address to sign the generated document.

The signer will be directed to Titan Sign which can also be entirely in Hebrew with right-to-left text alignment for international clients. 

The generated document includes the following:

salesforce pink tick
Signature fields for all signees that need to sign the document electronically.
salesforce pink tick
Any client information pushed to Salesforce while filling out the private bank’s web form.
salesforce pink tick
All services selected on the web form.

100% No Code Automation – Just Clicks

The first signer can sign the document immediately using the signing fields. Once completed, the second signee will receive an email requesting their signature on the generated document. The second signer can click on the link to navigate to Titan Sign to quickly sign the document. This process will continue in rounds until all signers in the signing process have signed the document.

When the signing process is complete, Titan will email the private bank and clients to notify all parties involved that the document has been signed. The email will also contain a copy of the signed document for personal storage. The document can also be found saved under the client’s record in Salesforce.

When the Private Banker heads over to Salesforce, they will notice that all the contacts from the private bank’s web form and the signed document have been added to the CRM platform.

“Now I can prepare for meetings to optimize client experiences and spend more time building deeper relationships with customers rather than data management.”

Private Banker

New features, whenever you need, minus all the coding.

The private bank was pleasantly surprised to receive a bonus feature from Titan called Co-Browsing. The feature is available on the private bank’s web form and ready to use for clients who need a little extra support.

How it works is that a client clicks on the Co-Browsing button, which triggers a request to a Sales Consultant currently on support. The Sales Consultant will receive the request via email with a link to navigate to the web form. 

After logging into the web portal, the Sales Consultant can assist the client through a chat box to efficiently complete the web form. The client and the Sales Consultant can see the same web form, which has been a massive upgrade to the private bank’s customer experience strategy.

Who wouldn’t want a code-free platform for Salesforce?!

Titan provided the private bank with some real-time results! Staff are empowered to do more critical tasks now that they have a fully digitized workflow process to manage dreary manual duties. Clients are thrilled with the ease and convenience of digitally signing up for business bank accounts.

These wins have also allowed staff to manage more clients, and the web portal is signing up more global and international customers daily! The private bank has met and surpassed its business requirements with Titan and is excited to extend its web portal to include other languages soon.

*All organizational names and titles used in this article are purely fictional and if they happen to occur in real life it would be completely by coincidence.

Streamlined Salesforce workflows, it just makes sense to Titan.

Wishes do come true with Titan so take your business to the next level by upgrading your projects and workflows to a fully digitized experience with absolutely no code! Contact us today on one of our social media links below to schedule a demo and learn about Titan’s best-kept secrets. We hope to see you soon!

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