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Powerful Loan Applications within Salesforce Financial Cloud

Toward a Better Future in the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

For over 30 years, our client, a well-established Banking institution, has prided itself in building lasting relationships with its customers.

But with digital transformation evolving, the Board of Directors had to rethink how the Bank conducted business.

The Chief Technology Officer realized that the Bank had to find a solution to transform how they conducted online banking.

The Bank wanted to provide customers with a professional yet personal experience.

How did Titan’s no-code suite of products, integrated with Salesforce, help our client automate their processes to be more productive?

Automation of Finance Processes

Flexible Salesforce Solutions for Financial Institutions

“Although the Bank uses Salesforce Financial Cloud, it soon emerged that we required a solution that would enable us to make necessary information accessible to our customers in real-time, with the ability to eSign generated documents as part of the process.”

Chief Technology Officer

The Bank required a robust solution, and the search began to achieve the following:

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To have interactive and intuitive forms to create leads in Salesforce.
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To create an online loan application process that could collect data and easily integrate with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, in short, to use Salesforce for lending.
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When a customer starts a loan application, documents must be uploaded and records created or updated in real-time.
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Build documents that could be automatically generated using submitted form data and managed within their Salesforce account.
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The signing of documents usually took place in the Bank; they required document generation and signed digitally directly on the platform.
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An account referral tracking system.

Within three months of working with Titan, we created a fully integrated web portal solution into Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Discover how our client uses Titan for Salesforce to provide quick and efficient customer services that help attract and retain clients.  

Titan Investing for tomorrow with the Financial Services Cloud

The project at a glance:

The Financial Services Portal comes equipped with all the products required by the Bank, from Titan’s dynamic web forms to automatically generated documents with Titan Docs to eSigning with Titan Sign.

The Financial Services Portal includes a blog page, newsletters, etc., all designed with the help of Titan.

Payments made Easy with Titan

Listed below are some of the fantastic features the web portal has to offer:

Opening an Account

The process might seem daunting for customers opening an account for the first time, but with the Financial Services Portal, it is quick and straightforward. No standing in queues; their application is pre-filled and submitted in minutes with just a few clicks.

Already have an Account

Customers can stay informed about what’s going on with their money. From providing up-to-date information on their accounts managed by the Bank to interest rates, they are kept in the know on every front.

Ready to fill out a Loan Application

Customers can get a pre-approved loan in minutes; all they need to do is fill in the pre-qualified loan application, upload the necessary documents, choose a loan option, sign on the dotted line and submit.

Getting pre-qualified for a loan is all done without them stepping into the Bank.

Getting pre-qualified for a loan is all done without them stepping into the Bank.

Existing customers’ data is automatically transferred to the designated Salesforce record, creating a self-guided loan application experience for the Banks customers.

Mortgage Loans

Mortgage Loans approved in a snap

Whether for new or existing customers, they can save time with pre-filled mortgage loan application forms with data directly synced to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

The loan officer, for further action, then downloads the generated document.

All supporting documents can be uploaded and pushed to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud in-real time – a great way to track the application life cycle.


Investments are made easy with our pre-filled forms. Once submitted on the Financial Services Portal, the information is fed directly into Salesforce, giving the Bank a comprehensive view of the customer’s profile.

Bank customers can simply construct a portfolio tailored to their needs on the portal, allowing the Bank’s investment officers to take action and verify the information against their records.

Titan Automates Processes in the Financial Services Cloud

Get the entire “Future of Financial Services” with Titan and the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud.

Investments for the Future

How can Titan for Salesforce improve your business?

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100% Integration with Salesforce.
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Generate rich documents and embed them directly into the web portal as a lightning web component.
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Responsive displays for implementation on any device.
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Streamline the loan application process with digital submissions and automated pre-qualifications.
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Data is stored securely in Salesforce.
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Keep track of client relationships and communications.
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Real-time read and write of Salesforce data.
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Get pre-fill data from Salesforce with zero code.
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Quickly turn your client base into an active referral network by tracking referrals.
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Connect with clients on any device to receive account notifications and quick access to the portal.
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Easily create, automate, and track custom forms directly from Salesforce using Titan’s code-free form builder.

Watch Titan Web’s No-Code Platform for Salesforce in action

Transform your Financial Institution using Titan’s no-code platform for Salesforce and see how you can use our Salesforce Web App to build superior user experiences.

Check out our video on Powerful Web App for Financial Services, built with zero code, to learn more about the depth of our Salesforce integration for mortgage loans and more!

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