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Salesforce Grant Management & Fundraising Efforts with Salesforce Education Cloud Solutions

Helping K-12 for Salesforce Education Cloud Build a Legacy

Are you wondering how Salesforce feature in the daily tasks of a K-12 School Principal? After all, Salesforce is for sales reps, not principals and educators.

Schools and Districts are using the world’s #1 CRM to break down silos by connecting everything and everyone on a single platform. Simply put, Education Cloud for K–12 makes running your School more efficient in more ways than one.

We love hearing about our K-12 for Salesforce success stories in action and sharing their fantastic journey with you.

Join us as we share with you how this School achieved results with K-12 for Salesforce.

Scaling New Heights in Salesforce School Management

Due to the rising costs of the day-to-day running of a K-12 school, not forgetting the increased competition to jostle for public funds, fundraising and grant management are becoming prominent for K-12 education.

The administration at this public Middle School, situated in the heart of Wayne County, Michigan, has had to steadily increase reliance on external benefactors to support their fundraising and grant management initiatives.

The Fundraising Committee had to raise money to send their first group of students to the prestigious Michigan Maths and Science Summer School Program.

“One of the most difficult challenges we experienced during a fundraising campaign was to keep track of all donors and monies that were coming in.” said the Principal.

Bake sales, quiz nights, and raffles are typical school fundraisers. To help ease parents’ and educators’ bake sale fatigue, the Fundraising Committee pivoted to something entirely new to the School: a virtual fundraiser. This aids in student management system for Salesforce.

Achieving results with K-12 for Salesforce

Titan’s Salesforce Education Cloud Solution gave Big Smiles

Wanting a robust platform that was easy to use and, most notably, that integrated with their current software, the Principal found a partner in Titan to streamline their processes, increase efficiency, and enable them to deliver an outstanding fundraising strategy.

The Fundraising Committee planned their virtual fundraising event from start to finish by using Titan to create:

light blue tick item
A landing page on their web portal dedicated to the virtual event, stating how donors and sponsors can register and donate.
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Created branded forms in just clicks.
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Pre-filled Online Event Registration Form, shared via social media.
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Pre-filled Online Donation Pledge Forms to boost donations coming; donors could also remain anonymous when pledging.
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Secure payment integrations with Stripe or PayPal; the donations came in quickly.
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Thank you notes which were sent out to all donors and sponsors.
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A feedback survey was automatically emailed once the event was over.
Be educated and feel empowered

“My Fundraising Committee Chair texted me shortly after our fundraiser telling me how much he and his committee members loved using the Education Cloud K-12 on their mobiles and tablets!”

School Principal

Salesforce for Education: Data Collection in Real-Time

Accessing information at any time is incredibly valuable for educators using the platform.

In this instance, it was an asset to the Fundraising Committee to view reliable, secure, real-time data through built-in reports, eliminate manual data entry, create or update actions and track and monitor funds while sitting on their recliners at home.

The administrator set up validation rules by field type, giving them more control over how new information was entered, and helping them gather consistent data without duplications.

The School raised enough funds to send five (5) students to represent the School at the Michigan Math and Science Summer School Program.

Success with Titan for Salesforce Education Cloud

“When I got nominated and received my letter to go to this program, my parents were proud of me and said, unfortunately, I wasn’t going to attend because of the expense needed for the trip. Thanks to our Fundraising Committee, and their fantastic partnership with Titan for Salesforce, I got my wish to attend camp.”


Education that inspires

The Fundraising Committee’s experience with Titan provided a seamless sync with an existing Salesforce org, allowing for a successful fundraising event.

As a K-12 education School, the Principal and educators plan to leverage Titan’s products for any future fundraising or Salesforce grant management initiative that requires them to collect, share, or communicate information with students, parents, donors, volunteers, and sponsors via online forms.

What do you think the future of K-12 School fundraising will look like?

Have you used Titan Web and the Salesforce Education Cloud for K-12 for a fundraising campaign?

We would love to hear your success stories!

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