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Salesforce Event Registration Simplified

Hosting events are vital as a marketing strategy! But what are the reasons? There are many, but one of them is that you can use events to promote your business to its relevant target audience. Additionally, you can choose to host events in multiple formats. A successfully hosted event is excellent for connecting with stakeholders, investors, or customers.

So why wait? Start simplifying your Salesforce event registration using Titan, an official 3rd party Salesforce tool for businesses in every industry.

Don’t miss out on Event Registration Salesforce! Join us for a successful use case provided by a startup company to elevate its brand awareness in hopes of increasing sales with the help of Titan.

The Marketing Problem

A startup company that specializes in creating mobile software for its wearable tech needs a way to generate more sales. The company offers a wide range of products that are popular and will do better if marketed correctly. Here is a list of the core product offerings:

Event Planning
Salesforce Event Registration Graphic
light blue tick item
Smart Watches
light blue tick item
Fitness Trackers
light blue tick item
Smart Glasses
light blue tick item
Key Trackers
light blue tick item
Smart Shoes

As one of its marketing strategies, the startup decided to host a Salesforce virtual event to showcase its products and software as a cost-effective way to expand its brand awareness to a larger, global audience.

“The virtual event will save us time. Let’s aim for a 60-minute session. The presenters can display our latest product and service offerings and close the event with a few questions from guests.“

Software Engineer

The startup has hosted only one event, its launch party, due to the long and complex event planning process. The Executives are keen to host more virtual events but are looking for a quicker turnaround time for streamlined event planning.

Event Registration App Salesforce and Titan’s Dynamic Forms

The startup company decided to create a dynamic web form that pushes guest details to Salesforce. The tailor-made solution for the registration form will save the company time to allow for more hosted virtual events forms to attract customers.

Event Registration Forms
Salesforce Event Registration Forms

Here is a list of the requirements provided by their Business Analyst:

The event registration form must collect and push all data to Salesforce.
The startup company needs an embedded event registration form to collect data from attending guests that will exist on a webpage.
The registration form needs to be fully customizable to include logos and the company’s brand colors.
The startup company would prefer a registration form created with no code to ensure staff use time on important tech projects.

“I am excited to see the creation of a simple registration form for our virtual event. Our virtual events will now be conveniently accessible to our global clients“

Business Development Manager

The Original Salesforce Event Registration Process

The startup has had experience hosting an event at the launch of its company. Due to the effort and time it took to organize the function, the startup company had not considered hosting another event for a while. But with the Salesforce event registration tool, events become a much easier experience.

The initial event planning process kicked off with creation of a registration form in a digital document format. Without a graphic design team, the form was created without much focus on the company’s brand or art direction. The Junior Administrator would then email the approved registration form to clients and stakeholders.

Event Registration Process
Event Registration Process

“We need a better way to accurately and quickly get our customer data into Salesforce.“

Junior Administrator

The Junior Administrator was also tasked with collecting all data from emailed documents and manually entering them into Salesforce. Some guests preferred to call in at reception to rsvp for the event. Managing all the data and correctly transferring it to Salesforce was a cumbersome task.

The startup knew that virtual events were important in the Tech industry, but they also needed a flexible and straightforward way to set up data collection.

Salesforce Event Registration Celebrating Workflow Progress

Turning to Titan, the startup can now fully automate the data collection process end-to-end in its event planning process.

Titan Providing Custom Forms

The startup used Titan to help the marketing team set up a more manageable, cleaner event registration process where data is pushed directly to Salesforce precisely the way they want it.

Titan provided an embedded event registration form on a landing page on the startup’s website. Designing the layout and aesthetics of the web form was completely customizable and made without any code whatsoever.

Titan Solutions
Titan Solutions

“Our logos and brand colors have been carried through to our registration form. Titan has exceeded our expectations by offering an easy-to-use tool to create web forms the way we want!“

Web Designer

Guests can now register for a virtual event by providing their details through attractive forms with a host of engaging elements:

salesforce pink tick
Text Fields
salesforce pink tick
Date Range Fields
salesforce pink tick
Drop-Down Menus
salesforce pink tick
Picklists with data pulled from Salesforce
salesforce pink tick
salesforce pink tick
Upload Document and File capabilities

Here’s How Conditional Logic Works in Titan Forms

An added benefit of the startup’s registration form is that it handles and supports conditional logic. When guests respond to a question, the response is evaluated, and will show an additional question to the responder if necessary.

For example, on the event registration form, a question supplied to guests reads, “Have you previously attended an event with us?“. If the responder checks the No checkbox, they can continue with the form. In contrast, if the responder checks the Yes checkbox, the form displays a new question, “Which event did you attend?“.

Conditional Logic
Conditional Logic

Need Help with Salesforce Data?

All data supplied by a guest to the event registration form is pushed to Salesforce in real-time.

The Tech Sales Manager explains that all registration data is now wholly accurate and tracked in Salesforce. Here are two huge benefits that Titan provided the startup:

salesforce pink tick
A contact can be created or updated in Salesforce based on the responses from the event registration form.
salesforce pink tick
The virtual events are linked to the Salesforce contacts that have attended them.

The startup now uses its Salesforce data collected from registration forms to target and market to its clients 100% the way they want to.

“We turned to Titan to help solve our custom Salesforce and workflow needs and have never looked back. We can now confidently host monthly virtual events.“

Business Analyst

Honor Business Goals by extending your Salesforce Org with Titan

Titan delivered perfect event registration solutions to the startup, which streamlined Salesforce data collection tremendously. All staff involved can now create and host more virtual events with ease.

The stunning web form is light, clean, and fits the rest of the website’s branding. The customer experience has been elevated and broadened to include global attendance at virtual events.

The startup is beginning to reap the rewards of access to a larger audience with an increase in yearly events hosted. The startup can now showcase its products, services, latest features, and inventions directly to customers through virtual events.

*All organizational names and titles used in this article are purely fictional and if they happen to occur in real life it would be completely by coincidence.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this use case and if you want to know more about registration forms, watch our How to Create Event Registrations with Titan video on YouTube.

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