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Salesforce Stripe Integration with Titan

Recently, we had a real customer use case brought to our attention at Titan. The online retail company would like to share its Titan journey with the e-commerce community to bring awareness to how Stripe can work seamlessly with Salesforce.

We know that our customer’s pain points are common for many businesses. Follow us through the article as we summarize the events, and let us know if we can help you achieve your Salesforce integrations today!

Growing your Business with Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The online retail store offers affordable computers and accessories to small businesses across any industry. Due to their recent business success and increase in customers, the company decided that it wanted to pay closer attention to patrons by integrating its payment systems with Salesforce.

Issues Faced at the Online Retail Store

Here are a few business requirements that the company needed to meet:

The online retail store requires payment processing software and an API compatible with their web applications.
The API needs to be trusted as the online retail store deals with vast amounts of sensitive customer data.
The online retail store has invested in the Salesforce platform, so the payment processing software and API chosen must be compatible with this CRM tool.
Collecting customer information like name, mobile number, physical address, and email address are also crucial to the online retail store’s new digital workflow processes.
The online retail store requires its payment processing software and API to allow single and recurring payments from customers.

“Some of our customers are still in the startup phase of their business and have accounts open with us to make monthly payments for their purchases. We need a way to add their details to our Salesforce system without charging them any fees.“

E-commerce Store Manager

Unlocking the Agility of Saleforce Commerce Cloud

Online Retail Store
Online Retail Store

Initially, the online retail store ran all its sales manually by receiving orders by email or walk-ins. Payments were then processed by creating single invoices for products or services at their physical storehouse. This was an extremely chaotic process as each salesperson kept documents on their local computers.

Additionally, customers could wait up to 30 minutes to get a sales rep’s attention for guidance on a piece of hardware. Often, customers make payments only after advice, which results in slower sales or even a loss of sales in the worst-case scenario.

“The worst experience at our store was seeing a customer walk out empty-handed due to the card machine being offline and he did not have any cash to make a payment.”

E-commerce Store Manager

Titan Drives Efficiency within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud

With the rise in demand for goods and queues starting to develop at the storehouse, the E-commerce Store Manager recommended that the sales process be re-evaluated.

The online retail store decided to take up Titan to help overhaul their sales process to work efficiently with Salesforce, Stripe, and their web applications.

Why choose Titan?

Titan is a powerful, no-code platform that specializes in extending digital experiences for Salesforce. In addition to integrating with Salesforce, Titan works exceptionally well with Stripe.

It’s important to mention that organizations that use Salesforce need ways to integrate payment with Stripe while also sending token and payment history to the CRM platform for future reference. And that is where Titan has been a game changer for companies.

“Titan integrates with over a dozen payment providers and continuously expands this amount. Our customers always mention how easy it is to pay from their banks of choice.“

E-commerce Store Manager

Complementing Salesforce with Titan

Titan has allowed the online retail store to collect all information from customers visiting their website and map that data to any object in Salesforce.

The online retail store was highly impressed by Titan’s capabilities which included collecting data like the below with absolutely no code!

TItan Forms Icon
TItan Forms Icon
TItan Forms Icon
contact information
TItan Forms Icon
payment credentials from customers

In addition to collecting customer payment information, Titan sends this crucial data to Salesforce in real time. The sales team at the online retail store can now focus their time on helping customers with hardware questions.

Titan Reinforces Stripe for Salesforce

Titan Solutions
Titan Solutions

Founded in 2010, Stripe is an Irish-American company offering clients commerce solutions for internet businesses. With a focus on helping businesses scale faster and used by millions of companies, it was no surprise that the online retail store approached Stripe for online payment processing solutions.

In a nutshell, this is how Stripe works

Stripe uses a token process to collect sensitive customer payment details like credit card information. Stripe receives the true payment details and returns them to the vendor as an identifiable token. This token allows the vendor to store the payment information securely within a CRM or any other internal database.

Unique E-Commerce Solutions with Titan

One of the online retail store’s critical requirements was that they needed a system to allow customers to make single or recurring payments. Another essential requirement for the business was a way for a token to be created in Stripe and pushed to Salesforce without taking fees for onboarding existing customers!

This process is helpful in situations where the customer is entering a contract with the business. For this instance, payment credentials need to be provided, but customers are not obligated to pay any costs.

The online retail store found Titan’s solutions to be a secure way to collect payment info and store it so they can use it for later customer transactions.

“With Titan, we can create a token in Stripe without charging the customer! The process has been seamless, and we can now track all of the steps in Salesforce without requiring coding knowledge.”

E-commerce Store Manager

Titan and Stripe
Titan and Stripe

Building a Better Shopper Experience with Titan and Stripe

The E-commerce Store Manager is excited about the future of the online retail store. The business now has a digital process that allows for seamless scaling of orders, payments, and data capturing. There was no need to hire a developer to configure the systems, saving the online retail store time and resources.

Key Results with Titan

The online retail store has found that Titan checks all its business requirements and works efficiently with Stripe and Salesforce to store all sensitive customer data.

Titan has solved the online retail store’s custom e-commerce problems by delivering a tailor-made solution that allows customers to make single or recurring payments. Registering customer details on web applications without requesting payment with Titan has also been a critical success for the online retail store.

Do you want to Explore the Possibilities of Titan’s Integration with Salesforce?

Please look at How to Configure the Content of Stripe Integration Salesforce Widget in Titan Web. We also cover other topics on Stripe and Salesforce, so please visit our YouTube Channel.

If you can relate to our use case or need custom e-commerce solutions for your online business, ensure to contact Titan today.

Titan has a full suite of enterprise applications designed to integrate seamlessly with Salesforce data across your entire organization.

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