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Titan’s No Code Student Portal for Salesforce

Every student matters; every moment counts with Salesforce Education Cloud

Our world has undergone a major digital transformation that has spread through every industry, leaving almost no aspect of our lives untouched.

Of course, the education institutions couldn’t stay immune to the effects of this ongoing digital revolution.

Online apps and innovative tools have become an essential part of digital transformation, making it necessary for educational institutes to have a robust student portal.

Implementing a successful student portal can seem like a laborious task; with Titan Web, we can make the process much smoother.

Read on to learn how educational institutions are moving to digital excellence by using Titan’s Web application for Salesforce.

Students – sign up!

Bringing Excellence to Students with Salesforce Student Portal

Today’s digital education requires a solution for quick and easy interaction between students, educators, and student advisors.

Titan Web helps connect these dots on one platform to offer a Salesforce Student Portal built with zero code.

Students can seamlessly interact with their educational institution via a Student Portal built with Titan Web.

All the necessary data in this Student Portal is pulled directly from Salesforce in real-time.

This portal, built with our Web App for Salesforce, displays news articles and faculty information.

Students can also sign in, update personal information, view courses and grades, and view student activities.

Students, alumni, and educators get sophisticated and user-friendly interfaces with a few clicks of their mouse.

As a result, students can focus their time on studying instead of manual administrative tasks and tedious processes.

Transforming the Student Journey with Salesforce Education Cloud

Education made simpler

Are your students frustrated with sending emails back and forth to educators and student advisors? 

Are your educators and student advisors wasting time keeping track of student documents, grades, activities, etc.?

We give you a few insights on the student portal from a student perspective built on Titan using our drag-and-drop tool, with all the information coming directly from Salesforce.

Personal Information

Keeping personal details of students on our secure portal makes it easy for a student to find their personal information with just a click of a button.

All they have to do is sign into the student portal – once signed in, they can view their personal information, edit their profile if required, and so much more.

Courses and Grades

Do you have students that have signed up for courses and can’t keep up with their course timetable and grades?

Relax, we have them covered – they can easily upload and organize their courses, course schedules, and grades, having instant access to critical information anytime, anywhere.

Students also have direct access to content for the courses they’ve registered for. Giving them every opportunity to stay up-to-date on coursework and track and monitor their grades.

Student Activities

Arrange your Activities with Titan’s Student Portal

Sharing your educational institution’s activities with students has never been easier.

Traditional methods of printing posters and distributing flyers may work, but not all students will save the date.

Students can now check out the activities set up for the fall semester, spring semester, or activities explicitly chosen for them.

A list of activities is uploaded onto the My Activities page; students can either sign up for the activity they want to attend or click on not interested.

Connects your students, staff, and alumni with Salesforce Integrated Solutions

Listed above is a snippet of what we have to offer your students, alumni, and educators to interact effortlessly with your educational institution in Salesforce with Titan.

Want to know more, don’t delay; schedule a demo on how you can give your students seamless interaction with your institution using Salesforce as a database and without writing a single line of code.

Watch the short video Titan’s No Code Student Portal for Salesforce is transforming how educational institutions use Salesforce data with Titan’s Web App.

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