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Titan’s Top Web Solution in the Salesforce Health Cloud

Surrogacy refers to a woman consenting to give birth and hand over the care of the child to another family who will essentially become the legal parents. Surrogacy provides a hopeful solution for families that have grappled with fertility and pregnancy problems.

Due to delivering genetic connections and creating meaningful relationships, surrogacy has become a successful option for many families.

Supporting Surrogacy through Salesforce Solutions

Do you need to extend your digital experience by adding surrogacy solutions to your website? Take your organization to the next level with Titan and Salesforce to ensure you deliver the best medical convenience to your clients.

Please continue reading below to follow a use case from a fertility clinic that successfully digitized its surrogacy solutions with the help of Titan.


Salesforce Health Cloud Working to Support Moms

A modern fertility clinic striving to help couples mentally and physically expand their families needed a new feature added to its website immediately.

Several treatments at the fertility clinic included IVF, GIFT, embryo freezing, egg donation, and much more, which were already available to patients on their website. The clinic has seen significant benefits in allowing clients to manage their treatments in these sectors online. So it was time to add its surrogacy solutions to the website to continue elevating its patient experience in Salesforce Health Cloud.

Navigating Change in Salesforce

Requirements for the Product

To create sensational time savings for their manual workflows, the medical receptionist at the fertility clinic handed Titan a list of criteria they needed for their surrogacy web project:

The web project needs a home page for clients and practitioners to log into.
One of the web pages needs to allow clients the option to schedule appointments at the clinic.
All interactions on the web project need to be pushed to Salesforce automatically and immediately.
Clients need a web page to create cases for their treatments.
Practitioners need to view and download patient files.
Practitioners need to respond to patient cases or questions.
The web portal needs email notifications to alert clients to any responses from practitioners.
The web portal needs a donor catalog for users to view profile details.


“It would be great to respond to queries and upload documents to all my clients in one space. The new surrogacy web project will let me help more people in a day compared to face-to-face appointments.


Revolutionizing Surrogacy Processes through Salesforce Health Cloud

Before turning to Titan, the surrogacy processes at the fertility clinic were very manual. 

Clients would have to call the fertility clinic and make an appointment with the receptionist for an available practitioner. The receptionist would need to check the practitioner’s diary and schedule a convenient date for the client and the specialist.

Clients would keep track of their appointments, and the receptionist would often send an email to remind them about the consultation. The fertility clinic kept all manual records of treatments and appointments in-house.

The receptionist played a considerable role in ensuring all appointments ran smoothly and personal client files were stored correctly.

Additionally, the donor catalog was a printed-out file that was outdated. New donors are waiting to be added to the file, but it is a lengthy task to update the template, print it out in color, and then add the details to the file that would need new binding.

“We have a lot of donor information not on display that needs to be digitized. The surrogacy web project will make updating donor profiles quick and easy.“

Nurse Manager

Titan’s Exclusive Features in Salesforce

Take a look at the many solutions that Titan provided the fertility clinic. Let us know if you need any custom solutions too!

Staying True to your Brand Through Salesforce

Titan created the surrogacy web project within the fertility clinic’s existing website that matched seamlessly to the organization’s brand through custom logos, fonts, and color palettes.

The surrogacy web project has a stunning landing page for all visitors and consists of two pages:

salesforce pink tick
Home Page
salesforce pink tick
Consult Page

Salesforce-Focused Product

When visitors enter the Consult page, they can fill out a web form to book a consultation. Titan sends the visitor’s details directly to Salesforce in real-time to create a lead for the fertility clinic.


Titan Inspires User Access Control in Salesforce

Additionally, an existing client can log into the surrogate web project and access more content that is relevant and specific to them. Titan made this possible with their intelligent access control feature that identifies a visitor based on their assigned role and displays appropriate content.

What can existing clients access?

Logged-in clients seeking surrogacy can now create new cases or view existing cases on the website independently. Client cases are beautifully displayed in a themed table that matches the fertility clinic’s style and includes the following data that is interactive and easy to read:

salesforce pink tick
Case Number
salesforce pink tick
Date of Case Creation
salesforce pink tick
Responsibility of Case
salesforce pink tick
Type of Patient Treatment
salesforce pink tick
A Description of the Treatment
salesforce pink tick
Patient Replies/Comments
salesforce pink tick
Patient Question and Answer History

Spoil your Staff with Titan

On the other hand, when a practitioner from the fertility clinic logs into the surrogacy web project, they have access to more options than a client has, thanks to Titan’s access control capabilities. For example, the practitioner can now select a client’s records to view or download files in real time.

An added benefit of the surrogacy web project for practitioners is the ability to respond to client questions and upload supporting documents conveniently. Client cases are displayed and categorized neatly, allowing practitioners to manage case questions seamlessly.

Titan ensures any correspondence from the practitioner is emailed to the clients to notify them that a response is awaiting their attention. This service has tremendously increased the client experience at the fertility clinic.


Choose Titan Catalogs to Showcase Data in Salesforce

Lastly, as per the fertility clinic’s requirements, Titan has created a Donor page to see a variety of sponsors. The practitioner can see a catalog of all the donors with their defining characteristics neatly presented. Simply clicking on a button per donor displays a profile, which includes the following data:

salesforce pink tick
Donor Code
salesforce pink tick
salesforce pink tick
Frozen Eggs Available
salesforce pink tick
Rh Factor
salesforce pink tick
Blood Group
salesforce pink tick
Eye Color
salesforce pink tick
Hair Color
salesforce pink tick
Skin Tone
salesforce pink tick

“The Donor page is extremely user friendly and also includes a search functionality which I use to find donors by filtering a specific feature such as hair or eye color.”

Patient Coordinator

Leveraging Salesforce with Titan’s Simple Results

As an outcome of focusing on customer experience, surrogacy clients can now book appointments, track their treatment progress, and ask questions all in one convenient and safe place.

At the same time, the fertility clinic was also able to assist practitioners by eliminating their manual processes and empowering them to manage more cases online.

With Titan, the fertility clinic was able to quickly digitize its manual processes and take its surrogacy solutions online to attract new visitors and convert them to leads in Salesforce. The surrogacy web project was built on Titan’s powerful zero-code platform that integrated directly into Salesforce for effortless maintenance.

*All organizational names and titles used in this article are purely fictional and if they happen to occur in real life it would be completely by coincidence.

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