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Leveraging Salesforce Human Resources with No Code

Salesforce HR: Leading Effective Change

When a leading digital advertising agency wanted a more organized system for managing internal HR processes, an employee self-service portal, they came to Titan.

Below, we’ll talk about how Titan’s Employee HR Portal and other automated services benefitted this leading digital advertising agency by providing them with a no-code option to build custom Salesforce apps with bi-directional Salesforce integration.

Employee Self-Service Portals made easy within their Salesforce Org for Salesforce Human Resources

HR success
Employee Success

“We’re a small business, of about 20 employees so we don’t have unlimited resources,” the CEO of the digital ad agency said. “That means we need tools like Titan Web to create web applications and modern forms giving us the tools to build a robust Employee HR portal powered by Salesforce data.”

As a small business, the CEO had to don many hats – she needed to recruit, manage payroll, and address employee issues as well as handle them. Ensuring that she also kept all of that paperwork in order.

It’s a lot more to keep track of, especially as a small business owner without a dedicated team of HR professionals to lean on. And unfortunately, failing to do it effectively translates to unhappy employees and non-compliance with legislation.

The digital ad agency required a portal through which employees could access their sick days and vacation days, update their details, and more without sending numerous emails requesting information.

Let’s dive right in and show you how this digital advertising agency has leveraged the Titan portal for Salesforce Human Resources.

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Titan Building High-Performance Portals for Salesforce HR Software

Once their employees log into the portal, they get a 2-factor authentication sent to their email so that they can log into the portal without managing any other passwords.

Our web pages and portals can display dynamically according to user authentication providing a dynamic user experience with every click.

Everything below is built on Titan with only drag-and-drop tools. No coding is necessary, with all the data coming directly from Salesforce.

salesforce and HR
Dynamic Partnership between Titan and Salesforce and Human Resources

My Details

The Employee HR Portal gave employees direct access to personal and professional information, making it easy to update information and records.

Significantly reducing entry errors that can result in data inaccuracies and unhappy employees.

My Requests

Tasks such as requesting time off, logging time off, and updating information for each employee demand a lot of manual work for the CEO.

Employees can go onto the My Request page and efficiently manage and monitor the requests without having to deal with multiple emails back and forth with the CEO.

My Requests page provides detailed data for managers to make instant decisions.

For example, when the CEO is about to approve a leave request, the Employee HR Portal provides a snapshot of the number of vacation or sick days available for the requested period.

IT Equipment Order

The Employee HR Portal allows employees to log IT equipment orders directly from their mobile devices, laptops, and desktops.

Go paperless with our customized digital forms while improving record accuracy and eliminating manual employee data entry.

digital transformation for HR
Digital Transformation with Titan

Vacation Days

Every time an employee wanted to book their vacation days, they would have to fill in a manual leave form, scan it, and email it to the CEO for approval.

Now they just click on the vacation day tab and view the number of vacation days they have.

Raise a request for vacation days to be taken; the request is routed to the CEO for approval, with notification being sent in real-time to the CEO, automatically updating the balance of vacation days for payroll processing with Salesforce automation.

Sickness Leave

Unexpected sickness leave, no worries; with Titan Web’s Employee HR Portal, their employees can instantly have remote access to everything from their sick leave to employee benefits.

In a matter of minutes, they can upload their sick days to be taken together with the medical practitioner’s sick note, which will be forwarded to the CEO for approval and processing.

If there are any errors, a request can be raised to correct the attendance when the employee is back at work.

The CEO can now keep track of employee sick leave and pinpoint trends for performance reviews.

Expenses Requests

Employees can put in company expense requests before it gets processed for payroll, and they can raise the requests to get paid before the payroll cut-off date, eliminating the need to wait for expense claims to be paid out.

expense claims for Salesforce
Expense Claims made easy with Titan


The Employee HR Portal generates notifications for employees and the CEO, such as upcoming vacation days, payroll information, the number of requests that have been logged, and so on.

Additionally, allowing the CEO to dedicate more time to tasks that are more important to the business’s success rather than spending time on tedious manual, administrative tasks.

HR Salesforce: Why choose Titan?

Are you ready to extend the power of Salesforce into the hands of your users and customers?

Because Titan integrates with Salesforce, you may find the most significant benefit of cloud-based software is the ability to sync all your HR data into Salesforce seamlessly.

Watch the video tutorial on simplifying tedious HR processes by building a robust Employee HR Portal with Titan Web, 100% Salesforce integrated.

Interested in the Titan/ Salesforce integration. Read more about our smart forms for Salesforce.

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