No-Code Salesforce Feedback Form for any Use Case

Reach customers, employees, and partners on a personal level for quality feedback with Titan’s easy-to-use surveys for Salesforce

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Gauge Customer Satisfaction with Titan

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The #1 Survey App

With Titan, you get the most customizable and easy-to-use Salesforce feedback form

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Native Integration

Our customers love our native Salesforce Feedback Form tool

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Automated Feedback

Get fully automated feedback with Titan’s survey tools for Salesforce

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Follow-up with an automated Salesforce Customer Feedback Form

Titan’s intuitive Salesforce survey forms are designed for organic follow-up of customer queries and feedback. Set dates and times to suit the needs of your customers and streamline the survey process

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Personalize Surveys with Real-time Salesforce Data

Connect with customers on an individual level with Titan feedback surveys for Salesforce, which work with live push and pull of Salesforce data. Respondents will never feel like just a number!

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Net Promoter Score for your Salesforce User Feedback Form

Access Net Promoter Scores on Salesforce to increase customer satisfaction, drive loyalty, and create business growth. Reliable for B2B and B2C!

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A Salesforce Online Feedback Form for any Use Case

Gather feedback with Titan surveys for Salesforce to solve any use case and the demands of your industry. With the right feedback you can ensure customers and employees are taken care of and that your product is on track

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Product Feedback

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Customer Satisfaction

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User Experience Questionnaire

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Employee Opinions

Feature-Rich Feedback Forms

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Dynamic Content

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Share Surveys

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2FA Protected

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Map to any Object

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View Survey Records

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Conditional Logic

Read about Titan Solutions

Salesforce Integration: Titan Web

Salesforce Websites

Titan’s websites have native integration with the Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Read about Titan’s multi-patented Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration: Titan Docs

Salesforce PDFs

Titan’s PDFs for Salesforce are interactive and fillable

Titan gives me quick feedback from customers

We have improved customer relations and management with Titan’s multi-functional feedback form

Tony Shapiro

Customer Satisfaction can come first

Previously, we struggled to interact with our whole customer base in a personalized way. With Titan’s feedback surveys, this has changed overnight

James Friedman


Can I add media to surveys?

You can add images and videos to Salesforce surveys.

Can I translate content?

Yes, using the translations tool you can create multi-lingual surveys.

Does Titan offer templates?

Yes, Titan offers pre-built survey templates with a huge question library to customize them as per your needs.

How is survey data collected?

Responses are pushed to Salesforce in real-time allowing you to act quickly on critical feedback.

How can I distribute my surveys?

Publish your survey and distribute it through multiple methods including a Link or Salesforce automation.

Want the best Feedback Forms for Salesforce? Try Titan today!

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