PDF Dynamic Forms and Fillable PDF Generator for Salesforce

Use Titan docs for Salesforce to generate PDFs with fillable fields to enhance business processes for customers, partners, and employees

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Interactive PDFs

With Titan, you get easy-to-use, interactive PDFs for Salesforce

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Native Doc Integration

Our customers love our native integration with Salesforce Docs

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Intuitive User Interface: Dynamic PDF Forms

Easily add fillable PDF fields with Titan’s intuitive user interface

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Edit and Comment on PDFs

Skip printing with Titan’s generated PDFs, which enable you to make edits and comments easily. You can also convert or merge PDFs for maximum flexibility

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Real-time Salesforce Data for PDFs

Titan’s dynamic PDF generation works with live push and pull of Salesforce data for fully dynamic documents. Fill, sign, and get all information sent to Salesforce instantly

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Document Automation: Applications and Registrations

Streamline your document generation process for applications and registrations, and also get your documents pre-populated and pre-defined with Titan. Complete docs up to 90% faster and in half the time

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Convert from any Format to PDF

Need to convert from any format to PDF? With Titan, this is no sweat and you save hundreds of hours of manual work!

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Word to PDF

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Excel to PDF

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The most flexible PDFs for Salesforce

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Dynamic Documents

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Multiple Formats

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Interactive Fields

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Map to any Object

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2FA Protected

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Conditional Logic

Read about Titan Solutions

Salesforce Integration: Titan Web

Salesforce Websites

Titan’s websites have native integration with the Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

Read about Titan’s multi-patented Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration: Titan Docs

Salesforce PDFs

Titan’s PDFs for Salesforce are interactive and fillable

Titan Docs have sped up our time-to-market by 40%

Using Titan docs and fillable PDFs, our business has been able to fast-track G2M and focus on what matters most.

Sylvia Miller

I can fill in PDFs in minutes and seconds.

With Titan, I close deals so much faster and support is a dream team.

Gallie Stern


What industries can benefit from fillable PDFs?

Fillable PDFs can be used across any industry, Titan customers who use this feature range from those in tech, nonprofit sectors, to those working in retail.

Can I convert from any format to PDF?

Yes with Titan, you can convert from any format to PDF quickly and easily.

Can I merge PDFs with Titan Docs?

Yes, you can edit and merge PDFs and any other type of file with Titan.

Are Titan Docs HIPAA Compliant?

Yes, all Titan products are fully compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2 and other leading regulatory frameworks.

Are Titan Docs Automated?

Yes Titan docs, including PDFs are fully automated using Process Builder, Flow, and APEX.

How to create a fillable form in Salesforce?

There are two methods to create a fillable form in Salesforce, with Web-to-Lead or Web-to-Case and with Salesforce Experience Cloud. Web-to-Lead/Web-to-Case: Access Setup, search for “Web-to-Lead” or “Web-to-Case,” and use the form generator to create a basic form.

Want fillable PDFs for Salesforce? Try Titan today!

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