Titan Transforms Salesforce Industries

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Check out how Titan can solve any use case for any Salesforce industry. From Education to Healthcare, Manufacturing to Media, Finance to Insurance, and much more! No code and no limits!

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Innovation in every Industry

Salesforce in Healthcare

Make patients your priority while supporting doctors, nurses, and hospitals with Titan’s point and click Salesforce tools for the healthcare industry

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Salesforce Education

Getting the right education can transform a life forever and here at Titan we want to support that journey. Harness the strength and agility of our no-code Salesforce apps now!

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Salesforce for Insurance

Make sure your policyholders are well taken care of with streamlined claim processes, faster onboarding, more efficient policy issuance, and competitive quotes using Titan’s no-code tools for Salesforce

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Salesforce Financial Services

Create any financial form you can dream of, automate data collection, and streamline any contract including loans, financial services agreements, and employment documents

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Salesforce for High Tech

Kickstart innovation and automate any business process in your Technology organization using Titan combined with real-time data from Salesforce

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Salesforce Nonprofit

Fuel donor engagement, boost grantmaking, and drive fundraising to exciting new heights in Nonprofit Cloud with Titan’s no-code enterprise apps for Salesforce

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Salesforce for Ecommerce

Create attractive and branded ecommerce websites filled with catalogues, payment gateways, customer forums, and live chat support to drive engagement with your product or service and create a loyal online community

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Salesforce Marketing

Pump up your marketing game and ignite a spark in your campaigns with Titan’s no-code apps for Salesforce. Generate leads, automate targeted campaigns, and get rich analytics in a few simple clicks

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Salesforce HR

Interact with employees on a deeper level via personalized performance management and tailored onboarding programs. Send out feedback surveys to find out how you can enhance the workplace as well as create user-friendly portals where employees can manage their personal information, request leave, and access pay slips

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Salesforce for Legal

Sign legal contracts collaboratively, automate any business process you can think of, and get peace of mind that your docs are 100% compliant

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Salesforce for Manufacturing

Create purchase orders, production change requests, incident reports, bills of materials, quality control records, and any other Salesforce form or doc you can think of using all clicks and no code!

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Salesforce for Media

Create stunning portals for the media and entertainment industry, send surveys to collect audience feedback, generate compliance documents, and build content submission forms with Titan’s zero code tools for Salesforce

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