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Add a feature to the Word Addin automating pronoun selection and agreement

Add two related features to the Word Addin that would: 

  1. insert the correct pronoun based on a field on a Salesforce object or in a Web or Form parameter. For example, if the field is a picklist of preferred pronouns (he/his/him, she/hers/her, they/their/them), then this new feature would insert the correct word to fit the context. If the choice of he, him or his can’t be automated, then have options like he/she/they or his/hers/their so the correct gender term can be inserted based on the Salesforce picklist choice.
  2. modify verbs to agree with the selected pronoun (e.g., she comes, he comes, they come). It seems like this would be sort of like a condition that the user creating the template would apply to the word in question.
  3. A related idea is to have a feature to modify verbs to agree with singular/plural where there is one or more than one record retrieved.

The above currently require the use of a lot of conditions, so these features would make template building quicker and result in less visual clutter while editing the template.

The Form Tool ( has had a feature like the first 2 for some time.