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RTL LTR in translation

Hebrew is a difficult language, and is also written from right to left, whereas most languages are written from left to right.

When translating pages into several languages, the alignment of the page is the alignment as determined for the entire site.

Is it possible to add an option to change the direction according to the translation language?

i.e. when adding a translation language that would be an option (an option only) to define a direction and then when performing the translation the alignment will be done accordingly.


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Nadav Gal
30 October 2022

Hi Jehonatan. On Titan Survey its achievable due to its structure (one page to navigate within).
On Titan Web its not achievable since there are plenty of pages in the project and translation is done either on project level / page level.
We cannot support a page to be displayed both RTL&LTR.