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Titan’s No Code Salesforce Solutions for Non-Profit Organizations

55 minutes watch
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Ben Miller
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Jessica Pasley
Senior Director of Professional Services
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Casi Paolillo
User Interface Consultant

In this exclusive webinar, Titan meets with special guest Value Stream Consulting, to discuss the rich benefits of no-code Salesforce solutions for the non-profit industry.

Who is Value Stream Consulting?

Value Stream is a leader in enterprise philanthropy, and the company specializes in consulting for the non-profit sector. In their experience, Titan is a powerful tool for maximizing the engagement of donors, volunteers, and clients, by providing dynamic zero-code applications for Salesforce.

What makes the Titan & Value Stream Partnership Special?

The Titan and Value Stream partnership is defined by a mutual desire to strive for excellence and provide outstanding Salesforce experiences. Again, and again Value Stream have pushed Titan to extend our platform, and become leaders in our field.

Read more about the special partnership between Titan and Value Stream on our blog.

Key takeaways covered in this session:

  • Grant Management Software
  • Grantee Portals
  • Board Portals
  • Reviewer Portals
  • Donor Portals
  • No Code Salesforce Forms & Docs for Non-profits
  • Power Tables

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