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Transforming Salesforce Financial Services Cloud with Titan and Uber Business Capital

Remarkable Salesforce Partnership: Uber Business Capital Exploring Titan’s Benefits Joining forces, Titan and Uber Business Capital hosted an informative financial services webinar on 29 June 2022. During the webinar, Titan explained how Salesforce is beneficial to the financial services sector, introduced the highly successful Uber Business Capital portal, highlighted the role that Titan has played in Uber…

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Business Forms Templates to Transform Your Operations with Salesforce

The Power of Salesforce Forms Many businesses use Salesforce’s cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform to manage and improve customer relationships. Companies can use the Salesforce CRM to track customer activity, market to customers, and more. Organizations across various industries, from healthcare to financial services and beyond, use Salesforce forms. Titan’s fully customizable and flexible forms for…

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Forms to Streamline the Salesforce Financial Industry!

Salesforce Forms: the answer for Financial Cloud Salesforce Services? Using digital technology to access the financial services cloud is fast becoming an everyday occurrence for many of us, dictating how we save, spend and even send money. With the advancement of financial cloud technology, financial institutions have to identify different ways of serving their clients. A growing…

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Salesforce for Schools | Empowering K-12 with Salesforce Education Cloud

Education Cloud Salesforce – Your Door to the Future ״The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future life״ Plato What is K-12 Education System? The K-12 education system stands for ‘from kindergarten to 12th grade’. Essentially Salesforce K-12 is an elementary school (Grades K–5), middle school (Grades 6–8), and high school (Grades 9–12)….

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Explore Survey Types in Salesforce & How to Use Them

Salesforce Survey Tools: The Low-Down Surveys are the way to go if you want honest feedback from your customers or employees. Getting feedback from surveys can be used to either identify areas of opportunity to improve or to celebrate the successes of your business.  Before you begin, you need to determine what you want to know. You…

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Enhance Customer Relationships with No-Code Surveys for Salesforce

Manage Customer Relationships with Surveys Often, when a customer or an employee has had a negative experience, they are quick to post it on social media, creating a bad image for your business. So, how do you turn negative experiences into positive ones? How can you prevent bad experiences from happening in the future? So many questions…

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Titan Extends Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Are you a financial organization looking to streamline and modernize your business? Do you want to strengthen and grow your company with flexible and efficient solutions? All this is possible, and more, when you choose Salesforce for the financial services industry. With the world’s #1 CRM, you can customize experiences for your clients, deepen relationships, and centralize…