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Solutions for Healthcare

Everything You Need To Know About Salesforce Health Cloud Pricing 

To build the perfect solution for processes in the healthcare industry, you need to know about Salesforce Health Cloud. This cloud-based Salesforce platform was specifically created for organizations operating in the healthcare and life science sectors. It can be used to speed up processes that involve patient data and experiences. However, Salesforce offers many editions of Health…

Salesforce Solutions for Sales

Salesforce Sales Cloud Pricing: Choosing the Right Plan for Your Business Needs

Whether you have less than 200 employees or over 10,000, Salesforce Sales Cloud has a solution to manage your entire sales process, improve sales efficiency, and boost productivity. Sales Cloud – a customer relationship management platform – was developed directly on the Salesforce Einstein Platform and gives you a 360° view of your customers to do anything…

Legal Solutions with Salesforce

Implementing Salesforce in Legal Industries with Jason Adams

Welcome to Salesforce Radio, your destination for insights, news, and community connections within the dynamic Salesforce ecosystem! In episode 6, Ben Miller chats with Jason Adams, Director of Operations at Hoglund & Mrozik. After joining the firm eight years ago, Jason introduced the team to Salesforce. Hoglund & Mrozik have never looked back. Today, they continue to…

Form Builder Solutions for Salesforce

FormAssembly for Salesforce vs Titan: Which is Best for Your Business?

Are you looking for a powerful form-building tool to streamline your business operations and enhance customer experience? Look no further! In this article, we will compare two top-notch form-building solutions, FormAssembly and Titan, to help you choose the best option for your business. Before we dive into the specifics of FormAssembly and Titan, let’s take a quick…

Titan File Solutions for Salesforce

Titan Features: Enhancing Seamless Salesforce File Uploads

By uploading files to Salesforce, teams can view and access documents whenever they need. This functionality helps everyone involved in a project to collaborate faster! Join us in the article below to learn how to maximize your Salesforce upload file capabilities. We also focus on Titan Files’ direct integration with Salesforce to upload files for easy access…

Sales Solutions from Titan

Beyond Cold Calls: Salesforce Alternatives to Cold Calling

What Is Cold Calling in Sales? Reaching out to potential customers who have not expressed interest in a company or its products before is called “cold calling.” It means that the salesperson contacts individuals via the phone, email, or any other means, such as social media, without there having been prior contact. The “cold” refers to the…

Salesforce Solutions for Data Collection

A Guide to Salesforce Web-to-Case Form Integration

Salesforce Web-to-Case forms are a great tool that customer service teams can take advantage of to optimize case management tasks. Join us in the article below to get more familiar with Salesforce Web-to-Case forms and how integrating them into your system streamlines business operations in Salesforce. How To Create Web-To-Case in Salesforce ? Follow our user-friendly guide…

Automating Sales Processes

Titan’s Take on Digital Transaction Management for Salesforce

Today, we focus on discussing Digital Transaction Management (DTM) topics in Salesforce. Are you ready to get rid of manual processes that contain mountains of paperwork? Keep reading our article to find out how you can get more hours in the day with automation software to speed up digital transaction tasks. Let’s get your time back! Instant…

Streamlining Business Tasks with Salesforce

Salesforce Sales Cloud: A Game-Changer for Modern Business

Signing up to Salesforce Sales Cloud for customer relationship management (CRM) tasks can entirely change how your business operates. The CRM platform is like no other since it can speed up sales, marketing, and customer service processes with advanced automation tools. Join us in the article below as we dive deep into the Salesforce Sales Cloud basics….

Automation for Sales

Predictable Revenue Model & Accurate Sales Forecasting Guide for Salesforce

Sales teams subscribe to predictive revenue models if they want stability in their work lives. These valuable models assist them with planning sales strategies and making sure that budgets are distributed correctly. Predictive revenue models can even be used to ensure that funds are available to use in emergencies. Join us in the article below to learn…