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Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation Guide

What is Salesforce Experience Cloud? Salesforce Experience Cloud, previously known as Community Cloud, is a tool for organizations to create branded online communities for their customers, partners, employees, and other stakeholders. The Experience Cloud includes all features that were part of the Community Cloud but provides additional capabilities for mobile app development, analytics, and reporting. Organizations can…

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Salesforce Client Portal

A Salesforce Client portal is basically a web platform that can be used to share content, such as resources and tools, online in a secure space. Many organizations create Salesforce client portals to give their clients, employees, or partners access to their information from within a Salesforce environment. With a Salesforce client portal, your business can allow…

Salesforce Sites vs. Experience Cloud

How You Can Implement Salesforce Community (AKA Experience Cloud) Let’s first start with, what is community cloud? Salesforce Community Cloud (now known as Experience Cloud) enables your business to create branded online spaces for users to connect with one another, encouraging information sharing and collaboration. You can create communities for a variety of users such as employees,…

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Salesforce Experience Cloud vs. Community Cloud

Does the Salesforce Community Cloud Still Exist? Have you been searching for the Community Cloud and wondering if it still exists? The answer is yes and no. The Salesforce Community Cloud was rebranded to the Salesforce Experience Cloud. The same technology and features that largely made up what is Community Cloud still remain with a focus on…

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Customer Self-Service Portal: Crash Course

What is a Customer Self-Service Portal? It’s an online platform used by many organizations across various industries. They are popular platforms that allow customers of a business to perform tasks independently through the portal. One good example of this scenario is when a company displays a how-to guide on its self-service portal so that customers can follow…

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Create a Salesforce Help Portal with Experience Cloud

Where can your customers and clients quickly get information about your business’s support and services? It is no longer good enough to be “a phone call away.” In fact, phone support is so last century! You need an online help or support portal to provide your customers or users with assistance, information, and support. But what is…

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Community Portal from Salesforce

Businesses that want to interact and collaborate with their customers, employees, and partners online are the entities that create Salesforce Community Portals. If you want to know more about a Salesforce Community, its benefits, and when to use it, you have made it to the right article. Salesforce Community Portal Benefits Let’s start with some of the…

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Prep for a Salesforce Customer Portal

Do you need to deploy a customer portal for your business? Customer portals let your customers, leads, and online visitors gain access to information about your products and services. As long as your portal visitors have an internet connection, they can visit your customer portal whenever they want, from wherever they want, at their convenience. Users worldwide…

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Salesforce Experience Cloud Pricing

What is the Salesforce Experience Cloud? Formerly known as Salesforce Community Cloud, the Salesforce Experience Cloud is a digital experience platform designed to help your business create and deliver tailored Salesforce digital experiences to your partners, customers, and employees. This platform includes a variety of services and tools you can utilize to create portals, websites, apps, and…

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What is Salesforce Experience Cloud?

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