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Riskified is an eCommerce risk management platform that allows online merchants to create trusted relationships with consumers. Leveraging machine learning, their platform aggregates data from many of the world’s largest online merchants and creates network effects that drive higher sales and generate cost savings for their merchants.

Fraud management software for ecommerce with phone

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TITAN Connects Salesforce Form & Doc Generation for Riskified

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Riskified is an eCommerce risk management platform that allows online retailers to create trusted relationships with their customers, such as Wish, Aldo, GoPro, Prada, and Steve Madden. Ultimately, Riskified helps to eliminate risk and fraud to boost business revenue.

According to the company’s founders, Eido Gal and Assaf Feldman, their mission is to empower businesses to realize the full potential of eCommerce by making it safe, accessible, and frictionless.

Riskified faced major business challenges, which Titan helped them solve.

Extending Riskified’s Quotations for Salesforce

Ron Davidson, CRM Manager at Riskified, explained that his company needed to create a quotation with multiple levels of complex data sets coming from Salesforce. There were many parameters, complex calculations, and formulas required.

For each quotation, the requirement was to show up to seven levels of detailed data sets, which could be integrated into one document.

The steep nature of the challenge meant that no company was initially able to provide Riskified with an accurate solution.

This all changed when Riskified came into contact with Titan. Within a very short timeline, Titan was able to provide the silver bullet and deliver an automated process.

‘’Titan was able to make this happen within a very short timeline that we had before going live; we got an automated process to save time and ensure the accuracy of every quote,” added Ron.

Titan’s Approach to Expanding Salesforce Solutions for Riskified’s Quotations

With the Titan solution, Riskified has successfully created quotes on PDF documents, with each document containing data from multiple levels of the quote object. Furthermore, the documents display different quote line items, product details, prices, and more.

“The beauty of partnering with Titan is that, with this one app, we can manage all our form-building and document generation needs,” says Davidson. “With just one click on the relevant record within Salesforce, we can generate the required document, populated with the correct data, showing the different quote line items, product details, prices, and more, aligning perfectly with Riskified’s business requirements.”

Strong partnerships with the right Tools

”The timing was a key factor and using the Titan platform saved us a huge amount of time. It’s an incredibly powerful tool with endless possibilities.”

Riskified solved their challenges with amazing solutions provided by Titan.

Ron Davidson CRM Manager at Riskified

Salesforce and Titan: Elevating Riskified’s Data

“As an eCommerce Risk Management company, data is everywhere; this is why we always have to ensure that we comply with the applicable legal or regulatory requirements,” explained Davidson.

The second challenge Riskified had was connected to the subject of data regulation. According to Riskified’s company standards and compliance with legislation, they wanted to be available for data inquiries from end users.

“Being an ECommerce Risk Management company, we could not risk being non-compliant,” explained Davidson; therefore, we wanted to create a process in the fastest time possible to deliver the best outcome for our users.”

Riskified required a solution with zero coding that could easily integrate data with Salesforce.

Titan helps Riskified Meet Highest Regulation Standards by Extending Salesforce Experiences

To deliver the highest standard of legal requirements and a wholly exceptional customer experience, with real-time bi-directional data integration into Salesforce, Davidson and his team engaged Titan to build an automated process that eliminates manual data entry and delivers more accessible and faster customer service.

Davidson credits Titan with giving Riskified the ability to provide its customers with a platform that provides exceptional customer service. At the same time, ensuring that consumer data is collected safely and securely.

Amazing results with Titan

Enhancing Salesforce Experiences for Riskified

Reduce Time to Market

The time invested in getting Titan on board has not taken long to pay off since the project could be executed in under three weeks. This is thanks to Titan’s agile and intuitive platform.

Automate Business Processes

The entire quotation process was completely automated. This was with the help of Titan’s efficient suite of products.

Eliminate Manual Errors

Riskified’s quotation process is now unified, organized, and managed in one central location. Errors and mistakes caused by manual calculations of complex formulas have been eliminated.

Comply with new regulations

With Titan’s solution, Riskified can meet the highest standards to comply with new regulations. This also facilitates transparency with clients.

Secure Data with HIPAA & GDPR adherence

Adherence to security and compliance requirements, including HIPAA & GDPR. With Titan, all data is accurate and securely archived for use.

The Bottom Line? Maximum Salesforce Efficiency for Riskified

“Titan has allowed us to evolve with the technical processes that help us learn new things and communicate in new ways,” Davidson said, ”with its seamless integration with Salesforce, Titan is at the center of that.”

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