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NxStage is a medical technology company, that develops, manufactures, and markets innovative products for the treatment of end-stage renal disease and acute kidney failure. They have established a number of dialysis clinics to provide innovative care for patients with kidney disease.

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NxStage uses Titan to Automate Workflows in Salesforce Health Cloud

Transforming Healthcare: NxStage Products and Titan Unite for Dedication, Compassion, and Innovation

NxStage Medical Inc, headquartered in Lawrence, Massachusetts, USA, is dedicated to helping its patients discover, achieve and maintain freedom and flexibility while on dialysis therapy that meets their needs.

NxStage provides a System One portable hemodialysis system with an interface that allows for easier set-up, designed for use at home. It provides flexibility to make home hemodialysis (HHD) a practical reality.

Their commitment is to “continue advancements in dialysis care and therapy options.’

NxStage dialysis machine support the whole dialysis community to allow patients to complete their dialysis treatments in their homes and have a more flexible lifestyle.

NxStage Dialysis Machines

Titan Web for Streamlined Health Cloud Processes in Salesforce

Joanna Smart – A marketing Specialist at NxStage, discusses how they teamed up with Salesforce to help streamline processes throughout the company.

She explained that manually collecting, tracking, and storing data from the contractors who worked on their advocacy program was no simple task.

NxStage realized they needed a less labor-intensive way to manage the contractors.

Seeing that NxStage spent so much time filling in data on spreadsheets and then uploading data into Salesforce, they were specifically looking for a tool to:

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Connect contractors’ data seamlessly with Salesforce.
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Create, manage and generate agreements and forms to meet all their document generation needs.
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Be able to electronically sign agreements with secure eSigning through Salesforce using an eSignature integration.

To do this, they needed Salesforce web portal, providing easy access to information, which also required no Salesforce License for their contractors.

“With Titan, we can significantly reduce our costs, add more hours to our day, ensuring that our contractors are more productive and engaged with the events they have been assigned to”

Joanna Smart teamed up with Titan to streamline their processes.

Joanna Smart Marketing Specialist at NxStage

Titan’s Zero-Code Solution for NxStage Patient Portal

NxStage partnered with Titan to create an entirely digital workflow using the Titan platform of Web, Docs, and Sign.

The portal took no time to be built per their requirements, allowing contractors to access data with no code in just a few clicks.

The contractor can log in to the portal with their email address connected to their Salesforce contact record.

They can view events, update attendance, sign an agreement, download attachments, view their details, and advise if there are updates.

All of the data comes directly from Salesforce, which means that if there’s an update in Salesforce, it will automatically be reflected in the portal.

Once the contractor accepts the event, the workflow is automatically routed to the area manager for approval and electronic signatures.

When the contractor signs the agreement, automated notifications are sent via email to eliminate delays.

Because the portal was so easy to build and implement, the process now takes seconds rather than hours.

Dialysis Treatment in the comfort of your home

Titan Docs for NxStage Documents: Flexible, Adaptable Salesforce Platform

In just a few months, NxStage has achieved all the business benefits they hoped to by partnering with Titan.

“Since implementing Titan, we are seeing time savings, but that’s not all; the seamless integration within Salesforce enables us to fully rely on data held in Salesforce for the most up-to-update position on any contractor records,”

Joanna Smart compliments Titans capabilities and efficiency.

Joanna Smart Marketing Specialist at NxStage

What used to take up to a few hours is now accomplished in less than minutes by automating notifications and document routing, eliminating spreadsheets, and reducing manual data entry.

The Titan solution has all the features they were looking for and is easy to use; without any technical expertise, they have created a custom web page that is mobile-friendly and easy to access for a better user experience and contractor retention.

Titan is automatically updated in Salesforce, giving Joanna and the contractor’s team access to real-time updates and event status, allowing accelerated response time to contractors.

Moreover, by adding Titan Sign’s capabilities to their Salesforce environment, the document generation and the signature process are now a seamless experience for Joanna and the contractors.

Highlighting Successes in the Salesforce Health Cloud

Ultimately, with the help of Titan, NxStage was able to:

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Save 40 hours per month per manager.
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$12 000 US dollars per year saved on licenses.
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$6 000 US dollars per year saved on document generation and e-signatures.

Watch the video below to learn how NxStage achieved success with Titan.

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