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Founded in 2013, Concrete on Demand started with just one volumetric truck. They specialize in providing ready-mix concrete to specialty concrete companies, contractors, and residential customers. ”Already know what you need or not sure? NO PROBLEM! Concrete on Demand can meet your mix design or design a solution for your project’s needs.”

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Concrete on Demand Transforms its Salesforce with Titan

Concrete on Demand’s Partnership with Salesforce

Marius Swart, a seasoned CEO of CODOPS LLC with experience in IT and the software industry, began his journey with Salesforce when he was brought in by the founders of Concrete on Demand to create a ready mix concrete software model for ordering, dispatching, and manufacturing, and delivering concrete.

To improve their processes, Marius turned to Salesforce as he felt no other CRM compared to Salesforce’s flexibility and customization for handling customer data, especially since Salesforce was making strides in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Brilliance: The Vision of Concrete on Demand

Concrete on Demand was founded in 2013 with a vision to provide quality concrete to customers on demand, with the use of Volumetric Concrete Mixers (a type of truck found in Europe), which can pour and mix concrete on site. This eliminates the need for the concrete to be mixed before leaving the dispatcher and makes small batches more accessible for the one-off customer.

Watch the video below on What concrete is and how a Volumetric Mixer work:

In this way, whether a contractor is building a mall or a customer is paving his driveway, concrete is accessible to them more affordably and innovatively.

In their words, ‘’Only Pay for What You use – Mixed fresh onsite – OnDemand.’’

Discovering Titan’s Solutions for Salesforce

In his quest to create a new model for interaction between the customer, dispatcher, and truck driver, Marius noted that although they had been through many Salesforce integration platforms, their best find was Titan, a robust and powerful no-code digital experiences platform built for Salesforce.

Being fully integrated with Salesforce, it was an added plus for the company to capture accurate data from customers in real-time on shared, dynamic documents, which come pre-populated with fields customized to the needs of Concrete on Demand. This meant they could keep their commitment to: ‘’Your project is our priority. Easy scheduling and reliable, on-time delivery will keep your project moving forward.’’

If we have captured your attention and you are interested in how Concrete on Demand transformed their business processes, creating forms quickly and easily with Titan directly in Salesforce (without coding), then read on!

The Experts have Spoken: More for Manufacturing

Ben Miller, Titan’s Account Executive, interviewed Marius about the process. It was exciting to see how he turned a difficult project into a success story that has brought exponential growth to the company.

Below is an excerpt of the interview, which has been edited for readability.

Value-added technology for Salesforce using Titan Forms

Ben: What were the project timelines before you found Titan Forms? How did you go about achieving them with Titan Forms?

Marius: Good question. When we put together our vision for the project, we did not think it would take about a year to experiment with several alternative form builders on the market. However, we found that none of them integrated with Salesforce in the way we wanted to achieve our goals. To achieve our objectives, we had to address these challenges.

And about six months ago, it was as if a lightbulb was switched on. I discovered Titan Forms.

We have experienced company developers full of ideas, so we all watched a few videos on Titan Form and thought that Titan was too good to be true. We were like, “how did we miss this?” How did we not have this from the start?

But once we chose to be working with Titan Forms, it was smooth sailing from there onwards. The project was then completed in record time – all it took was a few videos, and we were sold.

Titan Forms was the best option, no doubt, it’s fast and secure, and the best part is that it’s so intuitive to connect Salesforce to users, not inside the organization.

“We watched a couple of your videos, and we were like, how did we miss this?”

Marius Swart describes his first impressions of Titan.

Marius Swart, CEO of CODOPS LLC

Titan Forms improves speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction

Ben: Were there any concerns you may have had about the product before you began using the product?

Marius: For sure, there are always concerns when it comes to introducing new software, especially since Salesforce is defined by the Cloud; they put in a lot when it comes to uptime, availability, authentication, security, etc.

It did cross my mind. Am I introducing a weaker area? However, I found that during the project, Salesforce experienced more downtime than Titan did; in that time, we found that our concerns about Titan proved invalid once we began working with Titan.

Concrete on Demand enhances customer experiences of Salesforce with the right technology and expertise

Ben: What would you say was the most difficult problem you had to solve in the project?

Marius: For me, it was the user experience – it was essential to ensure that we create a lasting impression on the customer and build lasting relationships with them.

Since our customers have different options, we wanted to make it known that although there are other options out there, when it comes to purchasing concrete, Concrete on Demand’s commitment is to provide quality concrete products, excellent customer service, and On-Time delivery.

They must feel that they made the right choice with Concrete on Demand.

Watch the full interview below and be inspired by Marius to go with the best Titan Forms, with real-time information integrated seamlessly into Salesforce to make faster and more informed decisions during projects.

Titan builds Robust Software for Salesforce

Thanks to Titan Forms for Salesforce, Concrete on Demand’s business and customer experience processes can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes rather than hours, saving time and money.

Do you want to enhance customer experience? Take the next step and contact us today for a free demo.

We will help you prepare for an epic business process transformation.

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