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Novus Entertainment is a telecommunications company that offers internet, fibre optic, television, and phone services to residential buildings in Vancouver, Canada. Novus has gained momentum in the telecoms industry by expanding its fibre optic network throughout Metro Vancouver including Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, Coquitlam, New Westminster, and North Vancouver.

Novus Entertainment

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TITAN Extends the Salesforce Media Cloud for Novus with Fast Form-Filling Capabilities

Experience Digital Innovation with Novus

Founded in 1996, Novus Entertainment is a privately owned and operated Vancouver company that offers internet, television, and digital phone service to high-rise buildings in Metro Vancouver via a Fibre-to-the-Building (FTTB) network. Novus’ current customer base is 28,000 in 700 buildings, adding another 100 annually to their network.

With the growing demand for digital technology, they want to hold their top position in the competitive broadband market by adopting a multi-technology approach.

Are you new to Vancouver or ready to take the leap and switch to a better provider?

Look no further. Sign up with Novus today by visiting their website.

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Titan Extends the Media Cloud

Titan connected with the VP of Network Operations and Development, Alfred Kruger, to discuss the benefits of Salesforce and Titan combined for their business.

‘’My concern is that not only am I responsible for fibre network expansion, but also for implementing effective processes, policies, and procedures to ensure that my team works as efficiently as possible,’’ explained Alfred.

‘’To be successful and able to achieve the company’s objectives, I require my teams to focus on their sales strategies keeping in mind their customers’ issues and opportunities, not sitting at their desks filling in endless paperwork,” he added.

Image of Novus + Alfred Kruger
Novus + Alfred Kruger

Alfred is no stranger to Salesforce, and his takeaway is that: “I’m not a coder, more of a drag-and-dropper.“

The only thing that is certain in life is change, embracing unexpected challenges, rediscovering, and reinventing. This is exactly what Alfred did.

Novus Entertainment’s IT team used Titan to help accelerate the process of ensuring customer success by having accurate data.

“I require my teams to focus on their sales strategies keeping in mind their customers’ issues and opportunities not sitting at their desks filling in endless paperwork”

Alfred Kruger discusses his team’s objectives

Alfred Kruger VP of Network Operations and Development

Robust Integration for Salesforce to Improve Data Quality and Efficiency


Clean, Accurate Data

‘’Accurate Salesforce data is essential to Novus. Our business success depends on accurate data that our sales team knows and can rely on. Reporting on project progress and identifying weaknesses in the business was proving to become a tedious manual task.’’ affirmed Alfred.

‘’We were looking for a platform that could send or receive data to Salesforce seamlessly, intending to extend the overall Salesforce experience, it was a simple request,’’ he said.

So how did they solve this challenge?

Reaching new Salesforce Goals with Titan

Not only did Novus save $50k in just under six months after signing up with Titan, but their employees can now create a new record, update an existing record or delete a record without duplication in Salesforce.

As Alfred confirmed: ‘’Creating a form is quite easy with Titan, making more time available for our sales team to communicate better with our customers.”

It is no surprise that Titan stands out from the crowd by providing enterprise applications that are fully customized to suit clients’ specific needs. All products come easy to use, and clients can do everything they want with clicks and zero code.

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Automate and Update your Salesforce Data in Real-Time

So, do you want results like these for yourself?

If you do, we have good news!

We can get you results like this. It won’t be easy, nor will it happen overnight, but we’ve seen it happen so often that we can tell you it’s possible.

Titan’s patent-protected technology enables clients to pull data directly from Salesforce and push it back into Salesforce in real-time. This bi-directional precision means end-users get all the data-driven power of Salesforce without hassle

Tip: Sign up for a demo to get the most out of Titan applications. This will help you understand how Titan can cut hours on development, save you money and transform your digital experience.

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