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Titan Can Extend Your Salesforce Media Cloud

Creating an interactive and engaging website for your media or entertainment business could result in a thriving online community. If you were not aware, online communities have huge benefits. To start, they keep your visitors coming back to your website to share common interests with fellow community members. Access to viewing this online communication can give you an idea of what users think about your brand, products, and services.

To get more people talking and sharing links from your media website, we recommend expanding your user interaction with a few simple adjustments to your portal. To explain how this can be achieved, Titan has a use case to share that explores how a small news organization created an online community by increasing customer engagement levels on its website.

Join us in the use case below to see if these benefits could assist you.

Single Source of Truth with Media Cloud Salesforce

A medium-sized news organization with big goals to be the top visited news website in the region needed a way for readers to keep returning to their website. Upon several meetings, a viable strategy brought up by the Marketing team was to get readers interacting with the website throughout the day rather than just visiting in the morning to peruse through the top-rated articles.

Media Website
Media Website

“Our first step to getting readers to engage with our website would be to get them involved in the articles. We could add a forum so that readers can share their opinions and start conversations with like-minded readers.“

Media Planner

The news organization agreed to the new feature requests from the Marketing team and tasked the Social Media Specialist to draw up the requirements to upgrade the existing media website. The news organization then promptly handed over the criteria to Titan to implement quickly:

The news organization needs the website features to be implemented with no code for easy maintenance.
Readers need to be able to log into the website and become members.
The members must have access to their account settings and content at all times.
The news organization would like readers to have a way to choose the article genres that they prefer to read.
The articles on the website must have ratings, reviews, and comment sections.
An exciting feature would be to add a discussion group for our readers.

Customizing Salesforce in Media

Visitors to the news organization’s website were high but had peaked at around 25 000 daily views. To increase this number and maximize its advertising campaigns, the news organization turned to Titan to help accomplish its new media strategy to retain and engage readers.

Online Articles
Online Articles

The initial process consisted of journalists adding approved articles to the website for online visitors. The Media Planner then monitored the news website for trends, managed all SEO requirements, and tracked the number of views the website received.

With help from a no-code Salesforce platform, the news organization hopes to increase its daily views and spread its content to more readers on the internet with Titan media solutions.

Core Features of Salesforce Media and Entertainment Cloud

With the power of Salesforce, Titan created an interactive user experience for the news organization’s website. Titan implemented key feature requests without writing a single line of code to help readers engage with articles and return to the website for daily entertainment.

Keeping it Simple in Salesforce

As requested by the news organization, Titan ensured that every Salesforce Media Cloud feature implemented on the website used drag-and-drop tools to provide easy configuration and maintenance for an administrator.

Celebrating the Launch of User Logins

Titan successfully upgraded the website to allow readers to create an account on the media portal. Readers now log into the website and can instantly access their account settings with data pulled directly from Salesforce. The best part about this pre-filled, automated feature is that readers can quickly decide if they want to update or confirm their details.

All updates are pushed to Salesforce to edit the news organization’s records in real-time for their convenience.

Upgraded Website
Upgraded Website

“Our Salesforce data is now up-to-date and accurate. We no longer have to do manual data entries as readers automatically modify or enter data through our website.“


Growing Custom News Feeds

Readers can now choose or change their article preferences under their account settings. This action allows the readers to create a custom feed of articles to view inside the website. Additionally, visitors can log into the website and get direct access to articles they want to read without spending hours browsing through a cluttered feed which distracts with irrelevant articles.

Here is a list of the content that the news organization was able to categorize on its website with Titan’s help:

TItan Forms Icon
Local News
TItan Forms Icon
Weather Reports
TItan Forms Icon
World News
TItan Forms Icon
Sports Articles
TItan Forms Icon
Health Stories
TItan Forms Icon
Travel Blogs
TItan Forms Icon
Business Insights

Bi-Directional Comments, Ratings, and Reviews in Salesforce

Readers can see all the comments, ratings, and reviews they have submitted on articles. Titan quickly configured this feature to display reviews and ratings on a webpage with the following data brought directly from Salesforce for media:

Comments, Ratings & Reviews
Comments, Ratings & Reviews
salesforce pink tick
Date of review submitted.
salesforce pink tick
Article Name
salesforce pink tick
Author’s Name
salesforce pink tick
The reader’s posted comment.
salesforce pink tick
The reader’s posted review.
salesforce pink tick
The rating allocated to the article.

Here’s how the Discussion Group Works

The proudest feature that the news organization has implemented with Titan’s help is the discussion group. It allows visitors to interact with the website and other readers. An added benefit is that the website is starting to build an online community to extend the news organization’s brand to a broader audience.

The discussion group lets readers view comments, add opinions, and create new topics in one space! All interactivity from visitors on the website is logged to Salesforce in real-time, which means that the news organization can report on every reader interaction from within Salesforce!

“All our reader interactions are logged in Salesforce, making all our data extremely reportable and dynamic for our marketing campaigns.”

Digital Marketing PR Team

Unify Customer Experiences in Salesforce

The news organization now has a completely upgraded website focusing on customer experience. Readers can engage with the articles, curate their feeds to the news they care about, and join an online community that shares interests and opinions 24/7.

Online Community
Online Community

Titan has empowered the news organization to gather vital data from online visitors, which will help writers select topics and articles readers want to study. Data analysts at the news organization are starting to see that online visitors enter the website more than once daily. These readers are attracting a wider audience as members refer friends to join the website where they can start conversations on discussion groups.

*All organizational names and titles used in this article are purely fictional and if they happen to occur in real life it would be completely by coincidence.

Join the Media Revolution with Titan and Salesforce

Do you need to improve your customer experience like the news organization? Choose Titan to deliver Salesforce solutions that work seamlessly and bi-directionally every time with all your web applications.

So why wait? Get the platform today and create no-code features for all your web projects. Put the spotlight on your media or entertainment company today with the help of Titan!

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