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UMatter Wellness is a biometric health screening company, which offers health screenings that include bloodwork and measurements like height, weight, and waist circumference to assess school districts employees’ health. Biometric screening establishes a health baseline that can be used to evaluate the risk for a variety of health issues, many of which can be prevented through early detection and lifestyle changes.

co-workers smiling and working on big screen together

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Titan Extends the Salesforce Health Cloud for UMatter Wellness

Embracing your Health with UMatter Wellness

UMatter is a health screening company, that works with school districts to do biometric screening for all their employees.

They offer various engaging biometric screening, including cholesterol, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, and BMI (body mass index), and provide understandable feedback about the results.

Once the screening is completed, certified coaches help employees with a health plan to help support lifestyle and habit change goals once the employees receive their biometric screening results. Titan’s product offering has become a UMatter Wellness essential.

Extending Salesforce Efficiencies with Titan

Challenges explained

According to Rosanna Shelton, CEO of UMatter Wellness, her challenge was distributing the results to the employee in a quick, efficient but seamless manner.

She explained that previously, once the results were received from the Lab, she had to upload them onto Salesforce, create a PDF, ensure that the PDF was secure, and then email them to the employee.

For her, this was proving to be a very labor-intensive process that was taking up a lot of time. Due to this process, it took weeks before the school district employees received their results.

The results packet contained very detailed information which was taken from Salesforce and had a lot of custom objects, so the requirement was simple, a solution that integrated with Salesforce and has health data recorded and stored on our secure portal for easy access.

“I have more time to focus on generating new business”

Rosanna discusses the challenges she overcame by partnering with Titan.

Rosanna Shelton CEO of UMatter Wellness

Titan Products: Agile Solutions for Salesforce

Smart Decisions and Solutions

When deciding how to overcome the challenge, they chose to partner with Titan.

To secure the success of their wellness program, Titan created a web environment that allows members to access their results when it’s most convenient for them and allows the team to focus on more important aspects such as sales.

Using the following Titan products simplified the onboarding process because the school employees could find everything they need in one organized place:

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Titan Docs – to generate the document with information from Salesforce.
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Titan Web – to create a portal to get the documents out timeously.

“When results are uploaded to Salesforce, Salesforce automatically emails the employee to let them know that their results are ready,” she explained, “A link to the portal is sent to employees, allowing them easy access to their results.”

Not only is zero code required for the Titan Web platform, but the portal is also available on the mobile version – for users to view their results on their phone, anywhere, anytime.

Providing Uninterrupted Experiences for the Health Cloud Salesforce

The portal, developed with Salesforce Health Cloud, was completed in just two (2) hours, equipping them with a user-friendly portal that provided excellent results for UMatter.

With Titan, UMatter solutions have grown into a thriving business and Titan helped support the success of their project in the following ways:

Log-in Process, Verification, and Security

Log-in process

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Employees enter their work email address and their date of birth.

Two-step verification

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Each page has the employee’s name, dob, and SSN (pulled from Salesforce) for added security.

Past Year Results

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Preceding year results are available to employees, which can be easily downloaded for ease of reference.
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Results for the past five (5) years are made available.
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The new portal has eliminated the manual task of downloading, securing, and emailing results, which are now accessible in just a few clicks.

Customized Fields

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Required a customized document to include a field where the range was either High or Low.
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Based on the range, i.e., High or Low, red for High, employees can focus on the result that requires attention.
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Titan is flexible enough to customize the fields making it an excellent tool for UMatter.

How did Titan enhance workflows in Salesforce for UMatter?

Once results are uploaded from the Lab into Salesforce, the record is automatically generated.

The employee will get an email advising them that the results are ready with the link to the portal.

Manual tasks have become automated, freeing up time and making it easier for UMatter, giving Rosanna more time to generate more leads, etc. and find new customers for new sales. knowing that customers can get their results in real-time

Success Highlights for a Healthcare Portal

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Built Portal with Document Generation in 2 hours inclusive of onboarding;
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Everything is built with no code;
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Saves 20 hours per week = automation has reduced manual entry of data by approx 1 FTE effort; (4hrs in the day doing the process)
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Saves $36k per year on development
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Saves $10k on Doc Generation
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Saving workforce and increasing sales.

Watch the video to gain more insight into how UMatter helped the school districts to improve their employees’ performance by caring about their wellness with a web portal and streamlined documents.

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