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Deloitte Digital creates new growth by elevating the human experience — with connected ideas, technology, and talent in a way that only Deloitte can. Through Digital Transformation, they partner with clients to integrate digital technology into areas of the business to help unlock possibilities to thrive.

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Deloitte Gets Dynamic Document Generation & Data in Salesforce Through Titan

Deloitte Salesforce: At the Cutting-Edge of Digital Change

Deloitte’s Digital studios combines cutting-edge creative expertise with a wealth of experience in both business and technology. The organization defines and delivers best-of-breed digital experiences for the world’s leading brands. A subsidiary of renowned Deloitte, which is one of the largest professional service networks on earth, Deloitte Digital is all about enhancing human interaction in order to make the future that much brighter.

Deloitte Extends the the Power of Salesforce Document Generation

Deloitte, Titan’s valued partner, needed to provide a dynamic, multi-language label generation product for customers in order to meet any regulation and every requirement. Deloitte was looking for an end-to-end solution to natively connect to the Salesforce UI and provide translations by pulling and pushing live Salesforce data. The required solution needed to be able to translate between 50 and 100 languages, using a pre-defined order, with fully dynamic and flexible tools.

In addition, Deloitte Salesforce partnership allows them to fast-track time to market for customers and skip extensive development.

Harnessing the Power of the Translation Workbench with Deloitte and Salesforce

Deloitte approached Titan to help create this dynamic label generation product and turn it into a market-leading solution. Label data needed to come from Salesforce in real-time and have the ability to be used for a wide variety of products.

The Titan/ Deloitte partnership was able to seamlessly execute this project and create a cutting-edge multi-language label product in a short amount of time.

One way in which this was achieved was through Titan’s smooth integration with the Salesforce Translation workbench, which meant translations could be done efficiently and to a very high standard.

The strength of Titan and Deloitte’s mutual team work has built a solid foundation and discussions have been initiated on how to take this promising product to the next level by creating unprecedented scale for companies.

Teamwork builds a solid foundation

Fast Results for Deloitte Document Generation with Titan

Synthesis: Titan’s Salesforce Document Generation capability, and its potential to handle large amounts of data dynamically, meant Deloitte could obtain the product they needed.

Collaboration: Titan’s data handling expertise, combined with Deloitte’s specialization in creating digital experiences, meant a great number of scenarios could be conquered with confidence and ease.

Purchase confidence: Deloitte’s customers can now enjoy the rich benefits of leveraging the Titan/ Deloitte partnership to manage complex templates, automatically translate material, generate documents from Salesforce, and work with dynamic Salesforce content.

Room to grow: The success of this product has inspired exciting conversations between Titan and Deloitte to brainstorm further ways of creating simple solutions for complex demands.

Why not request a demo for document generation with Salesforce to get started.

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