Point and Click Salesforce Document Generation via the AppExchange

Discover Salesforce’s secret weapon on the AppExchange! Titan’s powerful point and click document generation propels your deals to success and enables you to automate any process you like using zero code

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Unlock the power of Salesforce Doc Gen

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Most Flexible Doc Gen Tool

With Titan, AppExchange customers can create any doc they want in a few clicks

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Fully Accessible

Titan Docs are fully accessible and meet all requirements outlined in section 508

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Dynamic Documents

Create dynamic documents from any record in Salesforce

Custom Docs for any Use Case on the AppExchange

Prioritize patient care and empower healthcare staff with Titan docs

It’s time to simplify complex document flows between patients, doctors, and providers for better healthcare experiences

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Medical History Docs
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Operative Docs
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Lab Result Docs
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Insurance Billing Docs
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Discharge Docs
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Medical Test Docs
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Deploy transparent and secure financial docs via the AppExchange

Manage seamless document creation and management flows between customers, employees, partners, and vendors

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Balance Sheet Docs
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Payment Docs
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Income Docs
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Financial Statement Docs
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Customer Agreement Docs
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Customer Profile Docs
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Elevate student experiences and educational resources with Titan Docs

Use Titan to simplify document management between students, educators, and partners for better educational experiences. Find us on the AppExchange

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Teacher Evaluation Docs
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Student Record Docs
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Teachers Log Docs
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Student Evaluation Docs
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Aptitude Test Scores
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Conduct Register Docs
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Optimize Doc Creation for Tech via the AppExchange

Optimize complex document creation and management flows between customers, employees, and business partners

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Customer Profile Docs
orange tick icon
Sales Growth Docs
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Budget Analysis Docs
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Customer Profile Docs
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Payment Receipt Docs
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User Agreement Docs
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The leading Doc Gen App for Marketing Teams

Optimize complex document flows between employees, partners and vendors for engaging brand and marketing experiences

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Department Docs
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GDPR Consent Docs
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Budget Analysis Docs
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Customer Profile
orange tick icon
Marketing Agreement Docs
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Content Schedule Docs
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Codeless Docs to support Nonprofits via the AppExchange

Ease administrative pressure on volunteers, organizations, and donors with Titan’s Salesforce docs for Nonprofits

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Contact Docs
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Report Docs
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Grant Documentation Docs
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Application Docs
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Licenses and Permit Docs
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Organizational Policies Docs
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Work Easily with Barcodes & QR Codes

Unlike other competitors on the AppExchange, Titan enables you to map barcodes and QR codes from your docs to Salesforce for paperless payments, invoices, order processing, and transactions. You can do this statically or dynamically depending on your business needs with Titan’s document generation for Salesforce

Read & Write Anything for Salesforce via the AppExchange

Read any field from any object or report in Salesforce and display it in any format. You can also add interactive capabilities that will allow you to write data directly from your document to any object in Salesforce. Work with standard or custom objects and any data structure you choose, the sky is the limit!

More Storage Integrations than any other AppExchange Tool

With Titan, you have the ability to store documents in a wide variety of locations and we integrate with Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and many more third-party apps.

Lightning Ready Documents

Titan Docs for Salesforce come convenient and Lightning ready on the AppExchange. Stay within the #1 CRM and enjoy the full benefits of the Salesforce lightning experience

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Titan Lightning App

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Custom Objects

Quick Buttons and Links


The most Feature-Rich Document Builder on the AppExchange

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Dynamic Content

Multiple Formats

QR Codes and Barcodes

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Digital Signatures

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Salesforce Automation

Collaborative Sharing

AppExchange Products

Salesforce: Titan Sign Integration

Titan Sign

Titan gives you seamless signing processes and codeless e-signatures

Salesforce Integration

Salesforce AppExchange

Titan’s suite of no-code apps integrate seamlessly with Salesforce

Salesforce Integration: Titan Workflow

Titan Flow

Titan is fast becoming the go-to workflow tool for Salesforce

Most Flexible Docs on the Salesforce AppExchange

We could customize and tailor our Titan docs to any use case, without any coding experience required. I thoroughly recommend this doc gen tool.

James K

Dynamic Documents anyone can build

My team was amazed at how quickly and easily they could build documents fully integrated with SF. We can push and pull data in seconds

Samantha F


Can I store my documents externally?

You can save documents in external storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc.

Hoes does Titan Docs improve my workflow?

By automatically download and archive all signed documents, this gives your organization complete visibility of the signing process, reducing potential future errors, and meeting compliance requirements.

Does Titan Docs have a MS Word Add-in?

Yes, Titan’s MS Word Add-in provides a fantastic user experience when creating templates.

Can I merge templates?

Yes, a fantastic feature of Titan’s dynamically generated documents includes the ability to organize templates by merging multiple templates into one document.

Does Titan Docs support multi-factor authentication?

Yes, users log in with an email with SmartV enabled for added security.

Want the most Dynamic Docs on the Salesforce AppExchange? Try Titan today!

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