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Founded by Maggie Lin, Foster Nation seeks to provide equal opportunity for former foster youth by helping them become self-sufficient, successful college students, career professionals, and young adults.

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Titan Driving Growth within the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Foster Nation: Building the Future within the Nonprofit Cloud Salesforce

Launched in 2016 in partnership with The Pritzker Foster Care Initiative and Foster Care Counts, Foster Nation is a non-profit dedicated to empowering foster youth as they age out of the system.

Foster Nation partners with 57 colleges in California and has volunteer collectives in Los Angeles and New York, and most recently, the organization launched a mentorship program called CareerX in 2022.

Foster Nation Empowering Foster Youths

Boosting the Application Process with a Smart Salesforce Solution

Foster Nation’s volume of applications for the CareerX program was steadily increasing, which made it time-consuming to manually sift through applications, match the mentor to the mentee, and set up appointments.

When foster youth engage with Foster Nation, they undergo an initial lengthy application process that includes a pre-assessment. Only once their application has been processed are they assigned a mentor that serves as a career coach for nine months.

It became apparent to the organization that they required an algorithm that matched the mentor to the mentee. For example, a foster youth studying to become a lawyer will be assigned a professional lawyer as their mentor for the nine-month program.

Foster Youths achieving success

Titan Solutions for Success in the Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud

Foster Nation knew they needed to move towards a robust and automated process that could easily handle the application and assessment process with Titan in the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

The Titan platform enables flexible, automated application processes, appointment scheduling, and efficient case management.

Another tremendous win is pushing and pulling real-time data directly from the Titan platform into and from Salesforce databases within minutes so that Foster Nation can make real-time decisions to better serve its foster youth.

Based on conditional logic, Foster Nation can now match mentors to mentees with just a few clicks. The team can build behavioral profiles of the foster youth using the questions and logic built into the application forms.

With all the data synced directly to Salesforce, the organization can easily customize and set automated reminders for their mentees’ and mentors’ schedules to set aside forty-five minutes each week to meet regularly.

Using Titan’s drag-and-drop form builder, Foster Nation can create, automate, and track custom scorecards to measure and track program effectiveness directly from Salesforce.

Foster Nation – We Are the Village

Delivering the Power of Salesforce and Titan Integration to Non-Profits

Titan is Foster Nation’s #1 go-to tool that produces results with outstanding success.

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A lightning-fast, fully automated, real-time, application and evaluation process with no duplicate or inconsistent data.
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With Titan, the user experience has improved, and thanks to Titan Surveys, surveys are sent out after each meeting to help address any areas of concern.
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A considerable improvement – they now have visibility into Salesforce, allowing them to track meeting progress, unlocking the power of Salesforce using no-code with Titan.
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Email reminders sent before meetings have decreased no-show rates. Input the fields you want, make it personal, and show who the sender is.
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By reducing manual processes and eliminating spreadsheets, Foster Nation has become digitally transformed with Titan solutions.
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Without manual applications, referencing spreadsheets, coordinating calendars, or personalizing meeting invites – with Titan, Foster Nation has become digitally transformed.

“Titan has provided Foster Nation with a platform that integrated seamlessly with Salesforce to eliminate manual processes and maximize efficiency so that our team can focus on the real work: supporting foster youth to connect with mentors and reach greater self-sufficiency.”

Maggie Lin Executive Director, and Founder.

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