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Central Park Law is a law firm established in 1993, providing personalized traditional legal services to the greater Holland, Michigan community and online legal services to all of Michigan.

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Titan Extends Salesforce Experience Cloud for Central Park Law

Central Park Law is a single-attorney law practice in Holland, Michigan, run by Nathan Bocks, who was elected Mayor of the town in 2019.

He specializes in multiple aspects of Estate Planning, Real Estate, and Business Law providing tailored solutions to legal problems ranging from private individuals and small business owners to large commercial enterprises.

Central Park Law makes legal services quick and easy. 

Your First Home with Central Park Law

Central Park Law Harnesses the Power of Salesforce

Nathan Bocks rolled out Salesforce to streamline client intake and onboarding with customizable web intake forms, allowing him to save time collecting information and following up on documents.

However, he quickly found it difficult to easily track, manage, and store data that was pushed and pulled into Salesforce.

Bocks needed to extend Salesforce Experience Cloud capabilities by finding a robust solution to streamline data collection and directly integrate with Salesforce.

The solution had to provide his clients easy access to pre-filled web forms with just one click, where all related Salesforce data would automatically be updated in seconds.

Estate Planning with Central Park Law

Intelligent Solutions to Enhance Salesforce Capabilities

In order to solve his problem, Central Park Law implemented a fully-automated online solution that integrates seamlessly with Salesforce data.

Titan now provides Central Park Law with the latest technology and data security that helps transform client interaction.

Titan’s branching logic feature creates flexible Salesforce web forms. Clients can use it when filling out a form to determine if they want a virtual or in-person meeting with Bocks. Depending on their answers, clients are directed to the relevant page as required.

Salesforce data is now gathered seamlessly with intelligent digital forms that don’t require any coding to set up.

To further support Central Park Law, Titan’s advanced automated document generation app is embedded into Salesforce, allowing users to access documents, data, and client account history in real-time.

After implementing the web portal, Bocks found that clients can schedule meetings, retrieve documents, and view progress automatically in Salesforce. 

Improved Customer Interaction with Titan in Salesforce

Customer Interaction soars in collaboration with Titan and Salesforce

Thanks to Titan, the law practice achieved the following:

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Central Park Law now has its tailored solution fully integrated into Salesforce.
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The law practice can automate manual processes and drive efficiency with Titan.
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Central Park Law clients can now create personalized, interactive documents with their data entered into interactive fields automatically updated in Salesforce.
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Clients can log into the portal using the Smart V authentication; they can edit their information or upload new data without making an appointment with Bocks.
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The law practice now uses branching logic (also known as conditional logic) which helps make web forms easier to fill out by hiding questions that are not relevant to specific answers.
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Central Park Law can easily share bi-directional documents with the ability to push and pull real-time data directly from Salesforce databases.

“Without a doubt, the Titan platform comes with a full set of tools integral to the success of any business! The support from the team has been nothing less than perfect.”

Nathan Bocks Executive Director, and Founder

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