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Brothers for Life is an Israeli NGO focused on advancing and assisting wounded IDF soldiers. The organization helps in the social support of soldiers injured in combat while defending their homeland. The social support that Brothers for Life provides starts at the recovery phase and continues with helping soldiers reach their personal and career goals.

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Dynamic Salesforce Forms for the Nonprofit Industry

Brothers for Life, where Every Soldier Matters

Based in Israel, Brothers for Life is a non-governmental organization (NGO) with the goal of advancing and assisting IDF soldiers who were wounded during combat while defending their homeland and fellow civilians.

Brothers for Life supports the social environment by helping injured soldiers recover. This non-profit organization also assists the soldiers in pursuing personal and career aspirations after recovery to return to a normal life.

Currently, Brothers for Life are actively involved in supportive ventures such as creating activities for group members, encouraging the social community, offering specific treatments per member needs, contributing to scholarships for group members, and so much more!

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Desert Adventures with Brothers for Life

Salesforce Forms and the Nonprofit Cloud: Automating Workflows

Before using Titan, Brothers for Life manually handled all their organization’s data.

For example, all data had to be collected through Google Online Forms or phone calls to create new events. Additionally, the workflow process included manually typing out all the collected data one by one.

Moreover, it was also necessary for Brothers for Life to manually copy-paste details when a member needed to update their details.

Brothers for Life wanted the ability to push and pull member data dynamically in real-time to Salesforce. If the NGO accomplished this task with dynamic forms and Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, it would be able to create a valuable organizational management process.

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Brothers for Life Volunteers

Salesforce NGO: Forms for Future Innovation

Brothers for Life turned to Titan to help with their custom NGO requirements.

With Titan, Brothers for Life could create a dynamic web form that integrated member data directly into Salesforce within a short time frame. The NGO can now utilize all necessary member data with Titan’s HTML Forms.

Brothers for Life started with a simple form integrated with Salesforce to approve member participation at their events. After receiving the data seamlessly from Salesforce with Titan, the NGO started digitizing the whole organization using the powerful platform. Titan is now used at Brothers for Life to assist with the following activities:

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Scheduled treatments for group members
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Updating and managing member data and details
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Choosing gifts for events
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Applying for online scholarships for members
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Join forces with Brothers for Life

Salesforce Integration with Titan: Building Stronger Relationships

With Titan and Salesforce integration, Brothers for Life could expand its activity and proactively spread its resources to more ventures to create additional value for group members. The NGO can now assess and quickly produce insights from all data. This new process will help Brothers for Life certify and provide transparent activities for all stakeholders.

“Today, most of our activity is made with Titan, and we are building more projects and expanding our value offering and productivity thanks to this amazing platform.“

Amir Smaily

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