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Founded in 1994, Jan Dils is the largest female-founded law firm in the United States. Operating out of West Virginia and Ohio, the firm has made a name for itself standing up for individuals impacted by personal injury and disability.

Read our customer success story below to find out more on how Titan helped them with document generation for Salesforce.

woman standing in front of jandils attorneys company banner

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Jan Dils Simplifies Salesforce Document Delivery with Titan!

Jan Dils’ mission is to make the lives of those who are unable to work easier by simplifying often complicated legal processes. This takes the form of holding insurance companies to account, sticking up for the rights of veterans, ensuring Social Security is paid out in the event of disability, and that just compensation is awarded in cases of personal injury.

What Makes Jan Dils Special?

The company was established by Jan Dils after seeing the struggles her aunt faced when applying for Social Security disability benefits while fighting a serious illness. Jan Dils had to watch her aunt being rejected and silenced by the system. After this, she decided to become a force and a voice for change. Jan Dils is more than just a law firm and all 150 members of the company seek to make a real difference in the lives of their clients. The firm has built a legacy around three practice areas: Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, and Veteran Benefits.

Accurate and reliable documentation is the lifeblood of all three lines of Jan Dils’ business. As part of providing effective and efficient documentation management, Jan Dils has stayed ahead of the pack by digitizing its documentation and integrating it with Salesforce for razor-sharp data.

Dynamic Salesforce Document Generation for Jan Dils

One of the core values of Jan Dils, Attorneys at Law, is Client-Centered Focus. And because legal paperwork is one of the more confusing and stressful parts of pursuing legal claims, the firm was searching for a document management tool that seamlessly integrates into Salesforce to make legal documents easier to complete. To this end, they looked far and wide for top document and eSignature tools for Salesforce. After kissing more than a few frogs, (AKA trying several third-party vendors) they discovered Titan, a no-code platform for Salesforce. In Titan, Jan Dils found a supportive team and a game-changing tool with which to deliver their legal documents. In the past, third-party Salesforce document generation tools had come with way too much downtime, which Jan Dils couldn’t afford. When they came across Titan, they found a partner who ensured zero downtime and was ready and willing to help with the integration setup.

Previously, Jan Dils’ biggest challenge when dealing with vendors had been a lack of an adequate support system, but with Titan, the firm was able to receive the service they needed as well as reap the benefits of a robust and flexible product. Titan is primarily used for document delivery at Jan Dils. This means that Titan Docs sends documents to end-users based on logic from Salesforce data. This document generation in Salesforce is all achieved using no-code via an out-of-the-box button. Using dynamic Salesforce data, Jan Dils can pre-fill information on behalf of clients to make the legal process less stressful. Given that Jan Dils works with many official government papers, which cannot be edited for size and formatting, such as Veteran Affairs documents, Titan has often had to provide creative solutions. In the case of documents like this, Titan has created bespoke signing fields to suit the strict format of government documents. Using Titan’s solutions, Jan Dils has decreased the amount of time it takes to pull, fill, and send these documents. Manually formatting and filling these documents took precious time – now, the staff uses that time to further serve clients.

Jan Dils has found that Titan has always delivered results quickly and been willing to cater to custom use cases. For example, when Jan Dils wanted a “Sign Now” button, a SmartV option for Titan Sign, and fully formed paragraphs with line breaks, this was implemented efficiently. Similarly, when Jan Dils had a use case, where they needed to be able to have a paper versus eSign document, Titan helped them get that configured fast. In a more complex use case, Jan Dils had a 2-signer scenario in which the first “signer” was one of their end users, who needed to modify the document before sending it to be signed by an actual signer. Titan was able to help Jan Dils execute this seamlessly. In any instance that bugs have arisen, such as once when date fields were showing a day in the past, this has been resolved swiftly and effectively by Titan’s support team. 

Jan Dils’ drive for excellence has pushed the Titan platform to better itself. The pioneering law firm has made several suggestions and feature requests from Titan, which have later been implemented. This partnership is a win-win situation and its success has seen Jan Dils decide to transfer its entire document system over to Titan.

Winning Results for Jan Dils and Clients

Custom Use Cases: can be solved in a heartbeat, especially given Titan’s ability to receive feedback and implement tailored solutions for Jan Dils.

Simplified Document Delivery: Titan has helped Jan Dils streamline and automate complex government documents.

Fast Updates: Jan Dils now has the power to update documents quickly and efficiently. Titan is equally useful for creating new templates and updating existing docs.

Reliable Support: Jan Dils has found a reliable documentation partner, who can ensure zero downtime for this trailblazing law firm.

Razor-Accurate data: all data in Jan Dils docs comes from Salesforce in real-time for the best possible data integrity. No code or complex development is required!

What does Jan Dils say about Titan?

“Titan is a great company with a great product we rely on. They have made total product changes to accommodate our needs, and we look forward to a continued partnership.”

Eric Hillyard-Poling, Chief Information Officer at Jan Dils

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