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DFKP (Deutsche Firmenkredit Partner) is Germany’s leading financing advisor for small and medium-sized enterprises. Their mission is to combine the power of digitization with comprehensive and personalized financial advice.

Read our customer success story below to find out more on how Titan helped them with document generation for Salesforce.

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Extending Salesforce Financial Services Cloud: 35% Greater Efficiency for DFKP

DFKP (Deutsche Firmenkredit Partner) is Germany’s leading financing advisor for small and medium-sized enterprises. Their mission is to combine the power of digitization with comprehensive and personalized financial advice. Their advisors have access to a wide range of financing products from over 150 banks and specialized financiers. This enables them to secure market-leading conditions for corporate clients across all industries.

What makes DFKP a Market-Leader?

DFKP’s superpower is the ability to help small and medium-sized companies secure the best financing, often when no one else can. DFKP creates crucial connections between companies and financiers while providing personalized advice based on each partner’s credit profile and desired strategy. With DFKP, companies get the personal touch while still experiencing the speed and efficiency of scalable financial solutions. Small and medium enterprises are advised according to their unique needs. DFKP handles all documentation, communication with banks, and administration quickly and efficiently to fast-track loans and propel partners to success.

DFKP stands head and shoulders above its competition by making digital solutions personalized, accessible, and speedy. Partners experience all the efficiency of automated digital solutions while still having a dedicated contact person for one-on-one contact. This is what business owners want and need: to put customers first while still keeping pace with digital advancements. As part of DFKP’s digital drive, they use Salesforce, the planet’s #1 CRM to gain individualized insights on clients and automate tedious manual tasks.

Titan/ DFKP Salesforce Document Generation

To complement its aims of providing seamless digital experiences for clients, DFKP has joined forces with Titan, a trailblazing, no-code platform for Salesforce. DFKP found that Titan’s intuitive software enabled them to handle document generation for Salesforce more easily, so they could better meet the needs of their clients. The no-code interface provided maximum flexibility and reduced set-up time. Specifically, DFKP is using Titan to help with document uploads and to manage the Schufa, which is a German credit rating document. DFKP has found that Titan has helped solve client problems and queries faster, while still maintaining their reputation for providing personalized service. On the other hand, DFKP has motivated Titan to extend the capabilities of Salesforce’s Financial Services by providing state-of-the-art financial documents to clients, 100 percent integrated with Salesforce in real-time. This collaboration has enabled DFKP to stay ahead of the pack and pioneer innovation in the field of financial services.

Mind-Blowing Results for DFKP’s Salesforce Doc Gen

Hours Saved: With Titan, DFKP is now 35% more efficient! Using Titan’s document generation in Salesforce, DFKP has reduced the workload of both financial advisors and web developers.

High-Speed Delivery: Financial advisors can now handle more inquiries and get clients into financing faster. Web developers don’t have to spend time on complicated coding to achieve integration with Financial Services Cloud for Salesforce. They can now transfer energy to fast-tracking important projects.

Automated Docs & ESignatures: Before working with Titan, DFKP’s entire documentation process was email based. They had no document upload functionality and didn’t use digital signatures. Thanks to Titan, DFKP has been able to fully professionalize and speed up the documentation process.

Salesforce Integrated: Titan has enabled DFKP to fully integrate its documents and signing processes with Salesforce without any code or complicated setup.

The Personal Touch: Using Titan, DFKP has been able to provide even more personalized financial services for clients by drawing on accurate Salesforce data to create unique documentation and signage processes.

What does DFKP say about Titan?

“We are very happy that we have found a solution that helps us to further improve our client focus. The fact that we save internal capacity at the same time makes Titan the perfect partner for us.”

Thomas Stanner, Chief Product Officer at DFKP

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