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Established in 2017, SmartRent operates within the property technology field and specializes in adding smart technology to apartment complexes.

With a focus on helping property management teams run their units well, SmartRent provides key technology like smart locks, thermostats, and leak sensors.

cartoon figures loading furniture into an apartment

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TITAN Enables Salesforce Automation for SmartRent | Upgrading Forms & Reports

Salesforce Workflow for SmartRent’s Home Automation

SmartRent (NYSE: SMRT) is the leading provider of smart home and smart property solutions for the multifamily industry. Founded by former operators with deep roots in real estate, the company’s best-in-class product suite empowers clients to manage, protect and automate their operations, and deliver modern living experiences for residents.

Today, SmartRent serves 15 of the top 20 multifamily owners and operators, and its solutions enable millions of users to live smarter every day. 

Home Automation
Home Automation

SmartRent’s Recurring Challenges

Prior to Titan, SmartRent had no way to automate their manual processes and workflows with technicians and third-party contractors. They had to rely on manual processes and reports, both of which weren’t scalable as the company continued to grow. SmartRent knew there had to be a better way and sought out a partner to help them automate their forms and summary reports. 

SmartRent explored several options but struggled to find a partner whose solutions addressed all their needs. Particularly, they were seeking a vendor to help them streamline business procedures with custom completion, first-day and end-of-day forms, inventory checks, and more.

After an extensive search, excitingly, SmartRent found Titan. Titan offered everything SmartRent was looking for, including the ability to create custom forms, a user-friendly platform, the ability to create, generate and attach PDFs to Salesforce records, and more.    


Innovating Faster with Titan’s Salesforce Forms and Reports

SmartRent welcomed Titan’s solutions to help fix problems and provide a personalized customer experience. Implementing Titan’s solutions has been a huge success, and SmartRent’s usage has been upgraded multiple times for template submissions to Salesforce.

In addition to the easy-to-use platform and custom Salesforce forms, Titan helped SmartRent digitize its daily update reports and build notifications of report submissions into business workflows. When SmartRent started supporting increasingly larger portfolios of properties, capturing Salesforce data became cumbersome. Titan’s solution has made it a lot easier to report on daily numbers.

Due to the success of the new digital process, SmartRent started to use Titan with site surveys and closing reports. At the time, closing reports weren’t standardized, which wasn’t scalable. Today, thanks to Titan, SmartRent has standardized all closing reports for clients, ensuring everything has a consistent look and feel.

One last hurdle that SmartRent needed to solve was creating an easy user interface for custom forms. Project managers needed a simple, easy-to-use form they could fill out for client-facing reports. Fortunately for SmartRent, Titan was able to quickly bring staff up to speed on client-facing reports.

SmartRent Installation
SmartRent Installation

Making Salesforce Results a Reality for SmartRent

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100% direct Salesforce integration
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An entirely digitized end-to-end process
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Faster workflows from automation
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Just in one team, 120 staff members use Titan daily

“Titan’s solutions have played a key role in our success as we’ve scaled and become a public company. We love Titan! Titan is a crucial element in our digital transformation, helping us automate a manual process thus enabling us to invest resources in client relationships.“

Chau Le Senior Director of Field Systems

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