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Automating Workflows in the Nonprofit Cloud
with Titan

Aren’t we all aware of the tedious and not-so-appealing procedure of filling in tons of paper-based application forms? Or worse, an online application that is not user-friendly.

A nightmare, right?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to finally fill out an online application in just a few clicks!

Join us on a digital transformation journey as we share a use case on how Titan empowered a global nonprofit by delivering a customized solution to automate their chapter application process using Salesforce.

Nonprofits Accelerate their Mission Impact with Salesforce Solutions

Our client is a reputed nonprofit that enables business-minded students to connect with their country’s economy through campus chapters.

After introducing its first campus chapter, this nonprofit ignited a spark that led to the creation of hundreds more student-initiated, student-led groups across the country.

The Need for an Integrated Platform to Optimize the User Experience

Nonprofits achieve their goals with Titan for Salesforce

Before the nonprofit began using Titan in 2021, the organization used various systems to push and pull data into and from Salesforce.

Working with chapter members in multiple time zones and diverse backgrounds, the organization wanted to increase efficiency and speed by engaging in an integrated platform that fit all their requirements.

Since the information was stored in different systems, the Chapter Presidents needed help tracking the application process. This resulted in spending much time going back and forth to assess an application.

“The challenge with any chapter-oriented organization is that there are not enough people to collaborate with prospective chapter members when you don’t have staff.”

Senior Chapter Program Manager

Limitations faced by the organization

The Senior Chapter Programs Manager had to review, sift through every application received and then process the approved applications.
In some instances, information was missing, and they had to interact externally with applicants, all within very specific timeframes.
The coordination between the internal teams ​was challenging.
The current setup did not provide them with reports and tracking of applications on the web portal.
They had a lot of issues with data entry errors, which reduced productivity.
Chapter Presidents had to collaborate with others before making a final decision, which caused delays.
Communication with applicants was mainly done via phone or email.
Manually transferring data into Salesforce was time-consuming and error-prone.
A final decision on an application was only made after consulting various Chapter Presidents, which was time-consuming without a system in place.
A streamlined automates solution for nonprofits

The Senior Chapters Program Manager realized that the organization needed a solution to streamline the application processes of their quickly growing organization.

That’s when they met Titan.

Listed below are some of the requirements the organization had sent to the Titan Team

light blue tick item
Design an automated system that will aid in screening members based on admission requirements.
light blue tick item
Provide a solution that will allow the easy updating of applicants’ information.
light blue tick item
Design a solution that will enable easy storage and retrieval of application information.
light blue tick item
Build better relationships and deliver a personalized user experience.
light blue tick item
Create journeys and provide applicants with all necessary information when required.
light blue tick item
Track and manage the application status to accelerate the approval process.
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Drive recruitment and chapter applications faster using the Salesforce platform.

Read on to learn how Titan improved the application process of the nonprofit in Salesforce.

Titan Speeds up the Application Processing and Communications in Salesforce

Titan worked with the organization’s IT Transformation Manager to implement an end-to-end solution for their applicant’s journey, from the prospective applicant’s inquiry to application, offer, and onboarding.

As part of its tailor-made solution, the organization wasted no time implementing Titan to automate the application process.

Titan’s dynamic application form enables the organization to bring together all students’ data in one place in real-time. The team can track applications, work collaboratively, and save time.

“For the first time, we have an online application that feeds directly into Salesforce. We’re excited to have automated processes to help our Senior Chapters Program Manager effectively manage applications, inquiries, and leads.”

IT Transformation Manager

Titan provided the organization with an intuitive web form that is quick to fill in but still ensures that the applicants fill in all the required information.

Simplifying the application process in the Cloud

Drawing on Titan’s expertise in Salesforce technology, the organization implemented a comprehensive solution that would enable it to manage its campus chapter applications effectively.

Applications process simplified in the Cloud

Here is how Titan accelerated its journey toward becoming a connected nonprofit.

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The Chapter Presidents can view all information about an application, including their personal and contact details, course information, and education and employment history.
light blue tick item
The applicant can easily upload their identity document as part of the application process by clicking the File Upload button.
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As part of this system, the application submissions are pushed into Salesforce for easy tracking.
light blue tick item
The organization can compare the information with documents uploaded by the applicant, conveniently stored in their Salesforce instance.
light blue tick item
Team members have a comprehensive view of all applications during a selected period using intuitive routing and logic tools.
light blue tick item
The master roster indicates which stage the applicant is at during their application journey. This allows members to view the status of the application.
light blue tick item
Titan complies with the relevant regulatory bodies giving the organization peace of mind.

“Since implementing Titan, we have been able to accelerate enrollment of members, enable better decision-making, and provide a better user experience with more personalization.”

Chapter President

The actual chapter application process uses Titan’s automation in 6 easy steps

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An applicant will complete the online application with basic information, upload documents as required, and click submit.
light blue tick item
The Chapter Program Manager receives an email informing them that a new application has been uploaded.
light blue tick item
The form is sent to several Chapter Presidents, who review the application and makes a decision.
light blue tick item
The form is then returned to the Chapter Program Manager to complete the final workflow step.
light blue tick item
When an application reaches the Reject/Offer Stage, the system automatically sends the applicant a Reject or Offer letter.
light blue tick item
Offer letters are sent for signature via Titan Sign, allowing the applicant to review and sign the offer letter online on any device. The Chapter Program Manager is notified instantly when the letters have been signed and uploaded into Salesforce.

There you have it, a simple yet dynamic automated application process. No more wasting precious hours keeping track of paper-based files when you use Titan’s robust suite of products that integrate into Salesforce seamlessly.

Manual workflows slowing your staff down? Titan automates workflows with no code!

Titan was a perfect fit for this nonprofit because, in addition to streamlining its chapter application process, it was easy for the organization to adopt. 

Titan’s automation tools make creating workflows quick and accessible—no coding or technical skills are required.

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