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Automating Workflows in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud with Titan

To unleash the full potential of an organization’s operations you should consider automating your workflows. The benefits include better accuracy of data and making sure daily operational tasks are performed lightning-fast.

To learn how your organization can save time with workflow automation in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, join us in the below article.

We also discuss how Titan can save your nonprofit organization time by speeding up manual tasks automatically for Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud.

Accelerating Impact with Nonprofit Cloud

If you have Nonprofit Cloud from Salesforce installed in your system, then it’s important to get the most out of your software for organizational success. You can do this by learning how to use Salesforce’s automation tools and features to speed up manual tasks, like data entry or communicating via emails. Then, teams can spend time focusing on interacting with stakeholders to drive organizational goals.

Let’s take a look at a few features you can use to accelerate nonprofit impact with Salesforce:

  • Combine artificial intelligence (AI) tools with customer relationship management (CRM) data to automate manual tasks.
  • Build tailored experiences with AI tools for your customer journey or marketing processes.
  • Use data intelligence tools to gain insights for increasing income.
Features of Nonprofit Cloud
Features of Nonprofit Cloud

Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack  

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a Salesforce product and plays an important part in the Nonprofit Cloud. It provides features for organizing fundraising and engaging with stakeholders.

Salesforce’s Nonprofit CRM features can help you manage data better by supporting the following activities:

  • You get to collect data from all stakeholders, like donors and volunteers, into a single location.
  • You can build reports with NPSP dashboards. Salesforce has 70+ reports and dashboards to use.
  • You can use NPSP tools to track revenue from regular supporters and create accurate forecasting reports.
  • Salesforce’s Nonprofit Cloud can also be used for case management.

Why Do Nonprofit Organizations Use Titan to Automate Workflows?

Nonprofits turn to Titan to extend their custom Salesforce solutions with zero code so that they can focus on fundraising activities and engaging with donors.

Additionally, by connecting Salesforce for Nonprofits with Titan, organizations don’t need any special technical skills to:

  • Simply create volunteer and donor portals.
  • Automate nonprofit workflows.
  • Collect any type of data with dynamic forms.

Titan also offers discounts for nonprofits, so it’s easy to see why we are an easy choice for organizations. Let’s take a look at what you can achieve with Titan and Nonprofit Cloud.

1. Simplifying the Grant Application Process in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

When it comes to grant applications in Nonprofit Cloud, Titan gives you a simpler process by speeding up document workflows and eliminating manual tasks.

For example, with Titan, you can create any form or document to support volunteer applications, consents, grant applications, event registrations, and much more.

Some specific grant application goals that Titan can help you accomplish with Nonprofit include:

  • Eliminating manual data entries into Salesforce. Titan has bi-directional data flow capabilities with Salesforce so you can pre-fill information into grant applications and sync responses back to Nonprofit Cloud.
  • You can use custom objects and fields in Nonprofit Cloud. Titan easily works with any object and has real-time Salesforce integration.
  • You get automation tools to build flexible organizational processes with zero code!  

2. Strengthening Relationships with Donors, Volunteers, & Grantmakers

Titan lets you spend your time building relationships with the people who matter by giving you advanced tools to alleviate work pressures.

Discover some of Titan’s features below that assist relationship management:

  • Build Interactive and Responsive Donor Portals
  • Design and Create Simple or Complex Consent Forms
  • Streamline Project Workflows
  • Create Exciting and Valuable Fundraising Campaigns
  • Measure the Impact of your Efforts with Reports

3. Donor and Volunteer Portals

Titan uses real-time Salesforce data to give you personalized insights. Use them to interact and communicate confidently with customers and donors.

The data can be used to create custom donor portals with our point-and-click tools for Salesforce.

Titan’s Salesforce donor management tools provide online “giving” capabilities, opportunities to recognize donors, and assists in seamlessly collecting recurring donations.

4. Salesforce Forms for Nonprofits

With Titan Forms, you can create custom Salesforce forms for the nonprofit industry that collect and pre-fill data from your CRM database. Go ahead and create complex forms by using conditional logic without the need for code. You can accomplish these seemingly difficult goals with our drag-and-drop Salesforce forms builder, which automates any organizational process.

Results from Automation
Results from Automation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

It’s a Salesforce product specialized to the needs of organizations in the nonprofit sector.

Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud has a host of tools and applications to manage experiences and improve interactions with donors, volunteers, and members.

How does Titan integrate with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

Titan integrates with Salesforce in real-time and with no code for bi-directional data flows to extend Nonprofit Cloud.

What role do donor and volunteer portals play in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud?

These types of portals are created to engage with supporters and go a long way in managing these relationships.

Donor portals are designed to give nonprofits easier ways to interact with benefactors. On the other hand, volunteer portals give nonprofits a single space to manage tasks and interact with volunteers.

How does Titan strengthen relationships with donors, volunteers, and Grantmakers?

There are many ways that Titan can help your organization build better relationships. One of them is that Titan can capture donor records and support creation of receipts for contributions.

These tasks are usually performed manually in an organization. However, Titan has tools and features to automatically update donor records or generate receipts directly in Salesforce.

With these repetitive tasks taken care of by Titan, nonprofits now have more time to focus on higher-level tasks like nurturing relationships with donors, volunteers, and Grantmakers.

Titan’s Seamless Integration with Salesforce for Nonprofits

Thanks for reading our article on how Titan, a no-code enterprise app for Salesforce, can automate workflows for your nonprofit organization.

If you need help with streamlining grant applications, building volunteer portals, drafting partner agreements, and more, contact us through one of our social media channels below.

We hope to see you soon!

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