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Setting Up Titan for Salesforce with your own CI/CD Systems

Why using CI and CD systems is important?

Continuous Integration and Continuous Development systems help you automate the project lifecycle. Each Enterprise account is assigned a minimum of two Titan environments: Sandbox and Production.

Move your projects from one environment to another to suit the next project phase.

What are the Requirements

You will need a Titan Account. You will also need to make sure you have the origin environment with your project, which is ready to move, and a target system connected to import the project

What Steps Should I Follow?


  1. First, login to the origin environment, for example, the Titan environment connected to your Salesforce sandbox. Locate your project on the dashboard.
  2. Click the Kebab Menu on the selected project, and hit Export:
Kebab Menu
  1. The Export Project window opens:
Export Project Window
  1. In the dropdown, you will see all environments connected under the same Titan Account. Select the related account using the drop-down and click Export.


  • You can choose to implement Titan API calls inside your own Salesforce CI/CD process. Open your preferred browser and enter the following URL
Titan API Website options
  • Select the appropriate project type to use the Titan API integration system.
  • For example, you can choose to Copy Web Project between two Titan accounts.
Copy Web Projects between two Titan Accounts
  • Enter the applicable project details to move one project to another.

Salesforce CI\CD Best Practices from Titan

Titan makes it easy for you to integrate your own preferred CI and CD systems. Use Titan’s tools for full insight into important Titan Processes directly impacting your business.

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