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Titan for Salesforce: How to Switch User Accounts?

Are there any Prerequisites?

Yes! To successfully switch between users, you need a registered enterprise Titan account with more than one user account active.

What steps should I follow?

Follow the sequence of steps and screenshots to switch between users on the Titan platform.

On your Titan dashboard, click on the Hamburger menu.

Hamburger Menu
Hamburger Menu

Now select the Switch User option in the menu .

Switch User
Switch User

Select the account you want to utilize and click the Sign in button.

Multiple Accounts
Multiple Accounts

Notice you are now logged into the dashboard with the selected account.

Switched Account
Switched Account

Titan’s Takeaway for Salesforce Solutions

In a nutshell, switching between user accounts in Titan is, hands down, super easy. We hope that you found the article helpful. If you need assistance with your Salesforce integrations, ensure you contact Titan through one of our social media channels below.

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