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Titan for Salesforce Health Cloud: Patient Intake Forms with E-sign

Are you getting the most out of your Salesforce Health Cloud? We know that it is a premium platform with tools that support digital experiences for healthcare providers and patients. It can easily speed up processes for managing and interacting with patients. For example, one of the key features of Health Cloud Salesforce is that it manages…

Titan Forms for Healthcare

Reimagining Client Intake Health Forms with Titan

Successful businesses use intake health forms to direct their clients to a specific service or product they need. These documents exist as countless medical form templates and are used in companies to streamline workflow processes in the onboarding phase! Medical Innovation: Consider client intake forms? Client intake forms consist of various questions related to a client’s requirements….

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Salesforce HIPAA Compliance & Data Encryption for Organizations

Documents, forms, surveys, or any web project that is not HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant and encrypted may not be an appropriate place to have interaction of sensitive data as it runs a high risk of tarnishing an organization’s reputation in the event of a data breach. If you must be Salesforce HIPAA compliant…

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Salesforce Solutions for Healthcare

The benefit of a medical center obtaining a website is that information about the organization is available to patients 24/7. Allow patients to instantly access crucial information to find a clinic, search for a symptom, or even contact an emergency number. Made by Salesforce architects and loved by Salesforce users, Titan can elevate your patient experience in…

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Best Practice Tips on Titan for Salesforce: Picklists Made Easy for Quality Healthcare

Advanced Healthcare at your Fingertips Does the staff at your medical health clinic spend many hours manually entering healthcare information into Salesforce? Manually updating medical history forms, in Salesforce can sometimes be time-consuming. But the information filled in on this form—such as patients’ medication, health complications, and allergies, — is vital to their healthcare. Discover how Titan…