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Automate CLM Processes with Flexible Salesforce Solutions

Automating and Standardizing CLM in Salesforce

The Consultarian Agency is an HR company operating in the United States and offers custom employment solutions for small to large enterprises.

Recently, the Consultarian Agency has earned great business success and, as a result, is expanding its services nationwide.

“Collaboratively working on documents across multiple stakeholders for review and approvals is problematic and will be our biggest bottleneck for scaling our workflows.“

HR Account Manager

Finding the right Salesforce Solution

Difficulties the Consultation Agency needed to Tackle

All contracts need to be archived in Salesforce with customer data.
The amount of time needed for the various edits and approvals of the contract by multiple stakeholders needs to be reduced drastically. Contract reviews need to be automated, with more documents approved daily.
Several departments must work on a contract collaboratively, such as Human Resources, Legal, Finance, and more if needed. The collaborative nature of the work needs to be sequential, with the contract traveling in order from one department to the next so that the process does not become chaotic and unmanageable.
A contract needs to be shared amongst defined collaborators. Sometimes the list of collaborators changes, and new stakeholders need to be added seamlessly, such as specific industry subject matter experts.
Permissions need to be set on contracts so some employees are allowed to comment, and others are allowed to edit the content on the document.
The Consultarian Agency needs to have secure contracts.
A flexible process is required that allows more people to comment on the contract during their turn of working with the document. It is essential that the document is locked and edited by only one person at a time so that there is a single source of truth along the contract lifecycle.
The Consultarian Agency needs its business branding to be applied to all contracts with access to custom mailing options.

Maintaining a Centralized Contract Hub in your Salesforce Org

Before Titan, the HR Account Manager would have to create a contract and email it to her Team Lead for approval. After any changes and edits, the approved contract needed to be sent to the Legal department to ensure the document was accurate. There would be back and forth reviews until the contract was valid and ready to be sent to the Finance department for review. Once again, multiple iterative, cumbersome rounds would occur before the contract is approved and archived in Salesforce.

This process made tracking where the contract was at any time in the document journey extremely difficult. Finding out which employee is currently working on the contract and at what stage of completion the document is at was painful too. Something had to change!


Salesforce Innovative CLM Solutions

Considering the HR Account Manager’s remarks and process, the Consultarian Agency turned to Titan to help them streamline contract workflows.

Titan’s Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) offering has drastically changed the way the Consultarian Agency works by upgrading their workflows to include automated contract management with their Salesforce system.

Enhancing Salesforce with Titan

Moving over to the Titan platform, the HR Account Manager has mentioned that the ability to now automatically push and pull contracts from Salesforce in real-time with no code has been an enormous time-saver. Colleagues across the agency can now have access to all customer data and files without any delays.

Just Clicks, No Code

In addition to the Salesforce benefits that Titan provides, the CLM offering has significantly impacted the Consultarian Agency. The HR Account Manager can now create a contract and configure it within a few minutes with no code to add collaborators to a review process.

Collaborate with Colleagues

The HR Account Manager can also adjust collaborator actions to allow for edits, comments, or solely viewing of documents.

The review process is automatically managed in Titan as collaboration rounds. These collaboration rounds are configured so that the HR Account Manager can distribute documents internally with Salesforce or externally at the right stage to the correct stakeholder during the contract lifecycle.

“Now, I can trust Titan to automatically send a contract to my manager, the Legal department, the Finance department, and a subject matter expert without monitoring the sequential process or even typing out an email each time. This automated workflow process has given me the extra time to focus on candidate interviews.“

HR Account Manager

Titan’s Reassuring Advantages to Customize Employee Experiences in Salesforce for HR


Titan’s CLM offering is robust and flexible, allowing the HR Account Manager to easily update the contract by adding collaborators to the contract lifecycle at any time she needs. At all stages of the contract lifecycle, Titan keeps contracts secure with 2 Factor Authentication, a crucial requirement from the HR agency.

The Consultarian Agency is highly impressed by the ability to customize all contracts and emails with Titan. According to the HR Account Manager, the Design department at the Consultarian Agency can now focus on their new website launch as they do not have to spend time designing and approving contracts or emails.

One of the most significant advantages for the Consultarian Agency is that they can instantly review all their contracts holistically and understand the completion rates and address any problems that might be occurring.

“It was a huge surprise to notice the level of detail that Titan and Salesforce have granted us. Every single collaborator change in our contracts is automatically documented in Salesforce!“

HR Account Manager

Seamless Results from Titan in Salesforce

Automated Workflows
Automated Workflows

The HR Account Manager now tracks, approves, edits, and resolves all collaborative contracts through email notifications and Titan CLM. This new, automated workflow process has awarded the HR Account Manager more time to focus on other HR tasks and duties thereby ensuring more projects are completed in a single day with all activities automatically tracked.

For the Consultarian Agency, the new workflow process has streamlined tasks across the whole company ensuring a fully digitized system that can now support a larger customer base with quicker turn around times for all consultations.

*All organizational names and titles used in this article are purely fictional and if they happen to occur in real life it would be completely by coincidence.

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