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Customizing Salesforce for Nonprofits with Titan

Does your current website in Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud feel outdated or needs a bit of color?

Are you not into coding?

You have come to the right page.

When making changes to your web pages – time is of the essence.

Read on to see why this nonprofit organization chose the Titan team to recreate their website on a visual and stylish canvas, bringing it into the modern era — no coding needed.

Salesforce Nonprofit Customization with Titan

Nonprofits making a difference with Titan for Salesforce

Our client, a global nonprofit network of Children’s Hospitals, provides surgical care in a compassionate, faith-based environment. Services are provided at no cost to families because of the generosity of their donors.

This incredible nonprofit organization provides services from pre-surgery evaluation through surgeries, physical therapy, and mobility device fitting.

The organization believes that providing top-notch healthcare to the underprivileged will open doors to education and economic opportunity for individuals and families.

Customizing Web Pages in Salesforce

The organization felt it was essential to make an appealing first impression on its website to potential donors.

It wanted to recreate a similar design/styling to its current website, with a streamlined, constant online donation process.

Before using Titan, the organization trialed other software tools but found that they were complicated and lacked the required features to transform the user experience in Salesforce.

After more research, the organization stumbled upon Titan and immediately booked a demo.

Based on the demo showcased by the Titan team, they were not disappointed – Titan delivered the results the organization sought.

Creating Stylish Web Projects in Salesforce for Nonprofit Demo

Thanks to Titan’s code-free, drag-and-drop elements, the team could re-create a modern, stylish, mobile-responsive web page designed for a user-friendly experience for the organization.

Since Titan integrates 100% with Salesforce, we delivered the best user experiences while leveraging the latest advances and innovations on the Salesforce platform.

This integration helps Titan develop and deliver a modern User Interface (UI) that improves productivity, increases user engagement, and optimizes operations while reducing costs.

Titan allows for a seamless transition because components look and feel familiar to users.

Creating Stylish Web Projects with Titan for Salesforce

Let’s go over the most outstanding features that Titan has offered the organization:

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Edit or create page content without depending on any developer to apply CSS styling and UX customizations. If needed, Titan, of course, supports using the CSS code.
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By dragging and dropping elements, Titan users can pre-build several components with custom CSS.
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Advanced UX/UI capabilities guide users according to the organization’s requirements with its branding at every step.
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Aligned to the organization’s Salesforce features, such as Salesforce Lightning Nonprofit and Lightning Web components.
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With zero coding, they can add a bi-directional read-and-write integration to sync with the organization’s Salesforce data in real-time.
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Users can create different user experience portals, such as one page or multiple pages, pop-up modals, dynamic elements, and animations.
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Titan Web allows the organization flexibility to modify pages and components to fit its business needs within its
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Users can work smarter in Titan Web with convenient Layer List components with just a few clicks.

Stips and Columns

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Ability to work with Strips, users can divide them into sections by adding columns and attach any element to them, including videos, text, and images.
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Adding strips and columns ensures the experience works seamlessly with any device and screen size available across all mobile devices.

Style Changes

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Users can apply Style changes to multiple elements.
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Ability to change the “label” color and the element background color to white.
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The organization can enhance its web page with Style Classes, which lets them customize its layout, fonts, colors, and more.
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Easily customize and personalize the element’s Style by changing these properties.
Adding Backgorunds, Videos to your Website makes an appealing user experience


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Backgrounds help create a site’s look and feel. Adding a background to the web page makes it captivating. A simple way to add background is using the Fill feature in Titan Web.
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Another remarkable feature Titan added is gradients, a gradual transition from one color to another, adding depth to images on the web page.
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Should the organization not want to add color or images to its web page background, it can choose a video and add it as a background.


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By adding Containers to the organization’s webpage, Titan helped organize contents into logical, easy-to-read segments that provide a better end-user experience.
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Users can style, add images, and customize a web page within the container according to the company brand.
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Using Carasoul Containers created a better user experience by enabling visitors to quickly navigate content on a web page by moving to the previous or the next slide through arrows on the sides of the page.

Looking Ahead with Titan’s Solutions in the Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud

Now that we’ve walked you through styling your stunning web project to grow your organization, it’s time for you to take your business to the next level and stay on top of trends in the nonprofit sector.

Titan Web empowers you to create web applications and modern forms powered by Salesforce data.

Create stunning websites, landing pages, and self-service portals with NO CODE!

Contact us for a no-obligation, free demo today.

You can reach out by visiting:

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