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Enabling a Robust Knowledge Base within your Salesforce Org

A Knowledge Base is essential for sharing information and articles within your organization. Maximize your Knowledge Base to share information with customers or potential leads looking for industry answers.

Did you realize that Salesforce is the perfect place to store Knowledge Base articles and track user interactions?

Follow us below as we share a use case from a logistics company using Salesforce and Titan to speed up workflow processes for its business teams with a custom Knowledge Base.

Salesforce Workflow Automation in the Freight Industry

A large and successful logistics company noticed that workflow processes began slowing down with their business growth. The company had become sizable, with over 250 employees who needed training and direction to handle and solve their work queries.

“I spend many hours in meetings helping my colleagues solve internal problems. I would love to concentrate on my projects to deliver quality work.“

Logistics Specialist

Listening to the employees in the logistics company, the Executives decided that the organization needed a space for their staff to read up on standardized processes, quickly learn best practices, and eliminate reliance on seniors in their organizational teams.

The logistics company turned to Titan as they wanted a flexible platform to create a Knowledge Base that could be hosted on its website without writing any code!

Essential Titan Features of the Salesforce Knowledge Base


The Executives of the logistics company handed over a few requirements to our Titan experts to address:

The logistics company needs a dynamic Knowledge Base that pulls data from Salesforce.
The Knowledge Base must fit seamlessly into the company’s existing website.
The employees require a Knowledge Base with an excellent user interface and little to no training to operate.
The logistics company wants one Knowledge Base to maintain that will have different views based on the profiles of employees.
The Knowledge Base needs to allow employees to download an article to read later at their convenience.
Employees need a way to interact with the Knowledge Base and leave comments on articles.

Can you relate to this organization’s use case? Does your staff have the confidence to make decisions in all workflow processes and procedures in their roles?

Please keep reading to find out how Titan helped the logistics company succeed and motivate their staff simultaneously. 

Teaching Staff
Teaching Staff

Automating Workflows in Salesforce

With the hiring rate growing more and more each month to assist with the workload of the logistics company, there are now a vast amount of new hires at the organization that needs to quickly learn how to work efficiently and independently.

“Although new employees turn into regular employees over time, they still need assistance from peers or senior members of the team to complete tasks. This lack of confidence slows down our projects.”

Skills Development Facilitator

Some of the tasks identified by the logistics company that would be beneficial to share on a Knowledge Base include the following:

light blue tick item
Understanding all the projects that are currently on the go at the logistics company.
light blue tick item
The process of how to create reports with consistency and accuracy.
light blue tick item
How-to guides indicating the warehouse procedures as per the company’s standards.
light blue tick item
Best practices for keeping warehouse schedules neat and consistent.
light blue tick item
Examples of checksheets for warehouse inspections.
light blue tick item
How to resolve problems with deliveries and customers.
light blue tick item
Documentation of policies.
light blue tick item
Articles on how to handle insurance claims.

“A Knowledge Base would allow employees to be more confident in their tasks and speed up any workflow processes by eliminating the time it takes to ask for help by accessing the answers immediately from the Knowledge Base.”

Senior Business Analyst

Titan’s Workflow Automation Facelift in Salesforce

There’s never been a better time for the logistics company to upgrade its business workflows! The company used a template from Titan Web to create a Knowledge Base powered directly by Salesforce.

Upgrade Business Workflows
Upgrade Business Workflows

Customized Designs your Staff will Boast About

Titan provided a completely customizable Knowledge Base that has been added to the logistics company’s existing website. The web design team was able to take full advantage of branding the Knowledge Base by customizing the following elements:

TItan Forms Icon
TItan Forms Icon
TItan Forms Icon
TItan Forms Icon
Sign In
TItan Forms Icon
Search Bar

“The Titan Web app gave us all the tools to create an incredible UX/UI experience for our colleagues”

Senior Web Designer

Plenty of Permissions for User Access

Per the company’s requirements, Titan has provided a Knowledge Base with a few different views. An employee’s role in the company determines which articles they will see upon entering the Knowledge Base.

“I like that I get a curated list of articles to read that are relevant to my industry. It would take quite a bit to scroll through all the posts on the Knowledge Base, knowing how many different departments my company has.“

Warehouse Supervisor

How does this work? Employees sign into the Knowledge Base with an email address. Titan analyzes this data based on the profile user permissions assigned to the email address and then determines what view the employee will see.

For example, two employees log into the same Knowledge Base, but General Manager sees five articles related to management, whereas the Logistics Specialist views eight articles covering logistics. 

Curated Content
Curated Content

Hello, Interactive Content!

Titan has also provided employees at the logistics company the ability to view all articles organized into categories to allow readers to easily choose which one they would like to read.

Employees may also view any comments and likes on an article from peers with an option to download the report as a PDF using Titan Docs if they prefer.

But how does a reader comment on an article? Titan has provided a comment box where employees can type and submit comments on an article. Additionally, employees can quickly click on a simple button in the comments box to share further information, such as yes or no to “Was this article helpful or not?”

Furthermore, to declutter articles and elevate the user experience, all feedback from posts is sent to Salesforce. The comment box disappears simultaneously once a reader has interacted with the widget for the utmost experience

Improve your Logistic Experience with Titan for Salesforce

The logistics company discovered noteworthy features from Titan to take its business to the next level! Here are the essential results from Titan that the logistics company is grateful for:

salesforce pink tick
An up-and-running Salesforce-focused Knowledge Base that Titan set up in under a month.
salesforce pink tick
The convenience of working with Salesforce seamlessly through Titan’s unique bi-directional data feature. For example, articles are pulled and published from Salesforce with feedback from employees pushed to Salesforce in real-time, simultaneously!
salesforce pink tick
The creation of a web project that fits in with the branding, style, and direction of the logistics company’s UI and UX vision.
salesforce pink tick
Titan is highly flexible and offers brilliant Salesforce solutions with various products, not just a Knowledge Base.
salesforce pink tick
Employees can access articles providing problem-solving processes and procedures at their fingertips.
salesforce pink tick
Executives can assess staff feedback to gauge the article relevance and the Knowledge Base’s success.
salesforce pink tick
Projects are starting to reach deadlines with confident, happy employees!

“We managed to launch a custom web project for our Salesforce solution with the help of Titan. We are thoroughly impressed and look forward to using the other products offered by Titan to streamline our business inefficiencies further.”

Project Manager

*All organizational names and titles used in this article are purely fictional, and if they happen to occur in real life, it would be completely by coincidence.

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