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Titan provides a Seamless Salesforce Event Management App

Robust Online Event Management Salesforce

Do you want to create an efficient check-in process for your next event? Consider using Salesforce for event management.

For attendees at an event, check-in isn’t a step that happens before the event – it is the first step to the success of your event.

Your attendees want a quick and easy check-in experience.

But these experiences don’t just happen; they depend on a smooth, streamlined check-in process.

Keep events organized, and avoid long queues on event day by checking in attendees with a check-in app explicitly designed to suit your business needs.

In this article, we take you through a robust use case using Titan Web, showcasing how simple it is to have a check-in app to keep the line moving in just a few clicks. 

Let’s get started.

Salesforce Dynamic Event Check-Ins

Like many universities, the business school situated in Alabama hosts two career fairs every semester.

With over two hundred corporate employer representatives and nearly a thousand students attending the career fair, the organizers needed to skip the hassle and confusion of a manual check-in.

The organizers wanted a check-in app to allow attendees to spend less time in a queue and more time experiencing the careers fair.

In addition, freeing up their time that in the past would go to checking attendees into the event and applying it elsewhere to enhance the event experience.

The success of these career fairs depended on having a fully automated event check-in app, which allows organizers to reduce the bottleneck at event arrival by offering a streamlined and efficient check-in process.

Titan-making events come alive

Salesforce Apps designed for Possibilities

Titan’s team successfully engaged with the career fair organizers at the Business College to enable them to check in attendees faster and automatically print name tags for their attendees immediately after checking in.

Chuck those spreadsheets into the bin and read on to learn how the Titans check-in app is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce tools and features.

Here are some things that Business College did with the Titan’s event management software Salesforce integration check-in app in seconds.

Student Check-In

With just a few swipes, students enter their nine-digit Banner ID, unique to each Student, into the check-in app.

The check-in app can push and pull data directly into Salesforce, and the Student’s details are then matched with their records.

Details such as their name, major, and class level (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, etc.) is displayed on the screen once the Banner ID is matched to their record in Salesforce.

The Student is then asked to verify their information before submission and that is it they are checked in with no waiting time.

Titan saves you Time and Money

Corporate Employee Check-In

All they have to do is enter their email address – if there is no match, they re-enter their credentials and will be prompted to enter their company details.

After typing in their company name, the company’s data will appear instantly, and they can easily add their personal information and check in.

All this is done with no code to be written.

In Sync in Real-Time

Attendees’ details are updated in real-time, so as organizers check in guests, the details are updated immediately in Salesforce, allowing organizers to access real-time information.

The data is also stored securely for auditing or reporting purposes. You can set user access to real-time event monitoring through profiles and permission sets in Salesforce.

Monitoring events in Salesforce gives you the ability to see how users are interacting with Salesforce in a whole new way.

Bring in a Splash of Color to your Attendees Name Tags

Once the attendee has checked in, an automated thermal printing software receives the information.

Wait, there is more…

Titan has taken it one step further; we have given the attendee the ability to capture their image before clicking on submit.

At a touch of a button, the digital thermal printer allows them to print out their name tags.

When the check-in process is completed, the attendee’s data can be automatically synced to the Engagement Constituent object in Salesforce, showing that the attendee had attended the event.

With such advantages, it is a good idea to invest in Titan for event management in Salesforce.

Name Tags with a difference

QR Code Scanning

Step up your event check-in by adding QR (Quick Response) code scanning!

The check-in app gives organizers the ability to validate attendance by scanning QR codes, helping organizers to track attendance, lead generation, send out a post-event survey, and more.

How is it done?

Data is relayed from the app to Salesforce, each QR code is mapped to appropriate attendees’ records in Salesforce.

Minimize Security Risks

Rule out any security risk when collecting and managing attendees’ data.

From SSL encryption to GDPR and HIPAA compliance, antispam protection, and the Single Sign-On (SSO) option to ensure the safety of the data collection process.

All data from Titan’s check-in app automatically syncs across the Salesforce platform in the most secure manner.

Our customers expect digital-first yet easy-to-use software. Titan helps to make that possible!

Using Salesforce for Event Management with Titan

Why do you need an event check-in app? The possibilities of using Titan are endless.

Providing an efficient way for attendees to check in at your event using Titan’s comprehensive tools satisfies your attendees’ expectations with fast response and quality service.

You’ll quickly appreciate how easy it is to build forms with our drag-and-drop feature, no coding, and smooth integration with Salesforce.

So what are you waiting for? Click on the demo button and learn more today to see how Titan fits your organization best.

You can reach out by visiting:

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