Merging Documents to Transform Salesforce Workflows

Merging Documents for Salesforce Workflows

Titan Docs bring solutions to help manage all your business documents more productively. We’re on your team, and one way we accomplish this task is by merging numerous documents into one that is then sent to Salesforce automatically and in real time with a single click.

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Merging Documents for Salesforce Workflows

Increase in 360° Collaboration


Reduction to Storage Space!


Streamlined Document Management

Titan for Tailor-Made Salesforce Solutions

Check out this video to see how easy it is to merge files pulled from Salesforce, dynamically generated files, or files that have been uploaded to a Titan form by your customers.

Merging Documents for Salesforce

Slash Document Management Times in 1/2!

Are you still working with single files that must be created, edited, transferred, need e-signatures, or archived?

Use Titan to merge multiple documents into a single, more manageable file. We can pull any file from Salesforce or your local pc, such as images or documents, and combine them into a single file.

Titan can help you optimize workflows and reduce errors within your business processes. Streamline your document management process and create organized files faster with Titan Docs!

Merging Documents with Titan

Complete Solutions for Business Processes

Titan can give you complete control of your documents from end to end. Allow customers to upload multiple documents through your Titan web projects or apps that push files directly to Salesforce. You can then merge those documents with your unique business cover page as a Doc Gen and distribute them as a single document!

Need another example? Pull various images, signature pages, and dynamically generated quotes from Salesforce and merge them with Titan to create a super-professional and correctly ordered proposal, possibly in PDF if you need, that can then be sent to a customer within minutes.

Titan: Merging Documents for Salesforce Workflows

Never Lose Original Documents

When you use Titan you can always keep your originally uploaded documents even though you have created a new Salesforce Doc Gen that has a merged combination of different files. Titan ensures you have your original copies to be used in future projects, such as document generation or to keep as proof of authenticity.

Do you want Salesforce solutions? We have them!

Titan Merged Documents for Salesforce Workflows

Edit Merging Documents Like a Pro

Titan Docs allows your business to readjust and merge documents in your Salesforce workflow process that were previously incorrectly divided. Titan has exclusive solutions for your business so take full control of organizing the page sequence of your documents. What’s more is that you can easily track documents and add corrections to them, before merging them for distribution.

Sign up to Titan, we can take your documents to the next level while ensuring they are professional!

Excellent Tool, Easy to Learn and to Implement

“I personally implemented this tool in dozens of companies and every one was fully satisfied, including the end customer . The learning curve is fantastic and in less in one week even the security can be your fan 😀 Good job 👏 👍”

Oren Sanovsky

SF Admin

Highly Recommended

“We would highly recommend this product! Titan Docs has enabled us to generate key documents for our organization with the click of a button… very efficient and effective!”

Jena Hayashi

SF Admin

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50% More Storage Space

Titan Docs can help you increase your storage space! Merge your business documents to free up space on your local computers, external cloud storage systems, or servers.

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Deliver a Seamless User Experience

Reading from merged documents is more effortless than switching between several single ones. Create a seamless reading experience for your users by using Titan to combine your documents and files with absolutely no code.

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Accelerated File Sharing

It’s no surprise that distributing or sharing single files compared to multiple ones is much easier to accomplish. Make it easier for your users to receive and keep track of a single document.

Dynamic Forms Salesforce: Titan Sign

Titan Sign

Sign, manage, and track e-signatures directly from Salesforce with our codeless signature builder

Dynamic Forms Salesforce: Titan Docs

Titan Docs

Create and customize dynamic documents for Salesforce

Dynamic Forms Salesforce: Titan Web

Titan Web

Build beautiful and flexible websites, 100% integrated with live push and pull of Salesforce data

Titan and Salesforce Integration

The #1 Integration for Salesforce

Amplify your Salesforce experience with Titan’s Salesforce merge tool. We have zero code features to easily merge your documents to make your business workflow solutions a reality.

Titan integrates 100% effectively with Salesforce merge software. So, contact us today to gently upskill your staff with our easy user interface that requires 100% no code, just clicks to handle.

Join us for Successful Salesforce Integrations – Try Titan Docs today!

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