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Titan’s No Code Power Tables for Salesforce

57 mins
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Yaron Ollech
Technical Support at Titan

This Webinar focused on the power of Titan Powertables, a robust feature of our Titan Web product. We discussed how you can use PowerTables to revolutionize Salesforce data flow, both in and out of Salesforce. PowerTables can be used for employees inside Salesforce, and for your organization’s activities outside of the #1 CRM.

With Titan PowerTables, you can display data bi-directionally integrated with Salesforce, read data from multiple objects in Salesforce, and update and create records in real time. In this webinar, we provided an introduction to PowerTables, four out of the box strategies for using Titan PowerTables, fielded questions, and discussed use cases.

Key takeaways covered in this session:

  • Learn how Power Tables can read data from multiple objects in Salesforce
  • Update records.
  • Drill down into a single record
  • View multiple related records.

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