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New Salesforce Web App: Launching Titan Web

36 minutes watch
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Ronny Belenitsky
VP. Product at Titan
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Ben Miller
Senior Account Executive at Titan

This webinar was one of our best ever! In our Titan Web Launch Party, held in February 2021, we revealed our pioneering Web App for Salesforce. We covered how to create a no code portal with Titan Web, the amazing design features of this product, and a range of different use cases.

We also shared a special testimonial from one of our partners in Switzerland, who had been part of the product pilot, and enjoyed hearing their feedback on the benefits of Titan Web.

Key takeaways covered in this session:

  • Launch of Titan Web
  • How to create no code portals
  • Amazing design features of Titan Web
  • Customer Testimonial on Titan Web

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