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Dynamic Page Layout in Salesforce

Dynamic Page Layout Salesforce | Exploring Types of Page Layout in Salesforce

If you are part of the Salesforce ecosystem, it’s important that you know the benefits that you can receive from taking full advantage of a dynamic page layout. For starters, upgrading to a dynamic page layout in Salesforce with standard objects will boost your staff productivity, allow your business workflow processes to be more adaptable to change,…

Social Media Solutions for Salesforce

Effective Lead Generation with LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Generating leads for your business consists of attracting new customers to focus on your products and services. Today, we explore LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms and learn how to use them as a strategy to obtain more leads. How to Use Lead Gen Forms on LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a platform designed to let professionals network with each other….

Cognito Forms Salesforce integration

Cognito Forms Salesforce Integration and Why Titan Stands Out

If you are looking for a no-code form-building solution to complement your organization’s digitization journey then you have come to the right place! In this article, we take a deep dive into a Cognito Salesforce integration, including a review of its pros and cons, and its ability to integrate with Salesforce. We also take a look at…

Ninja Forms for Salesforce

Ninja Forms: Everything you Need to Know!

Founded in 2011, the plugin has become the most popular and well-known form builder for WordPress. This plugin works via drag-and-drop to help you create a wide range of Salesforce forms for your WordPress site. This includes customized surveys, event-registration forms, support requests, and lots more. Pros of the form builder include the ability to work seamlessly…

Web to Lead for Salesforce

Complete Guide to Web-to-Lead Salesforce Limits

What is Salesforce Web-to-lead? Salesforce web-to-lead is a feature for forms in Salesforce that empowers you to capture information from potential leads via your organization’s website. And even better, this information is then used to automatically create and store leads in Salesforce. The result is a more seamless lead generation process. You also get to reap the…

Dynamic Salesforce Forms

Introduction to Salesforce Dynamic Forms

What are Dynamic Forms for Salesforce? Salesforce Dynamic Forms have been a game-changer ever since they were released as generally available in the ‘Winter 21 release. Dynamic Forms address a genuine need in the Salesforce community to help declutter pages and display the most relevant information exactly when you want it. With Dynamic Forms, you can say…

Gravity Forms Salesforce Integration

Gravity Forms Salesforce Integration

If you are looking to create advanced Salesforce forms for your WordPress website, then a Gravity Forms Salesforce integration is your go-to plugin! Gravity Forms is great for creating and working with web forms since the interface is simple and has an array of elements for you to utilize, which include text fields, dropdown menus, file uploads,…

Salesforce Forms for Appointment Booking

Appointment Scheduling Software with Salesforce Forms

Using Forms from Salesforce offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines the process, improves customer experience, and integrates seamlessly with your CRM system. Whether it’s scheduling appointments for healthcare providers, service professionals, or sales consultations, Forms can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business. Who can use Forms as Appointment Scheduling Software for Salesforce? Some…

Google Forms Salesforce Integration

Google Forms Salesforce Integration

A Google Form Salesforce integration is an extremely popular choice for creating web forms, quizzes, surveys, and so many more versatile forms for collecting data. If you haven’t used it or are looking for a reliable and trustworthy app to create web forms, we highly suggest Google Forms. Join us below as we share some of the…

Form Builder for Business Solutions

Dynamic Form Builder: Drag and Drop Business Solutions for Salesforce

Digital Workflow Processes from a Form Builder