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Innovate in Salesforce: Maximize Access Control in Titan Web

Titan’s access control feature provides your business with distinct profiles for different experiences on a single project. Working with the access control feature in Titan Web offers easy and simple solutions.

Our best practice advice is that instead of creating and maintaining multiple projects, you can create one and use access control for each audience interacting with your web project.

Join us by following the article below to find out everything you need to know about access control in your Titan Web projects.

When to Use Access Control?

If your audiences are totally unrelated to each other, then we recommend having different web projects within your organization.

In contrast, if you have more than 70% of your audience interacting with a single web project with a common interest, then we suggest that your organization create one web project. You may then configure Titan’s access control feature on all the elements and audiences interacting with your web project.


Titan Provides Tailor-Made Solutions to Keep Staff Organized

We share a successful everyday use case of Titan streamlining processes with an internal employee portal. Keep reading the article below to find out how!

A medium-sized organization needs an internal employee portal that can be viewed and accessed by the following audiences:

TItan Forms Icon
TItan Forms Icon
TItan Forms Icon

The Similarities between Audiences

All employees, managers, and executives need the ability to interact with the internal employee portal for the following reasons:

light blue tick item
To create IT tickets if they have computer problems.
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Update profiles with contact details, job profiles, and responsibilities.
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To request annual, sick, or holiday leave.

The Minor Differences between Audiences

Employees might create tickets through a form to notify the organization that they want to go on leave on a particular date. The difference is that the employee makes a vacation request ticket, but the manager must approve it.

For this process, the manager needs to have another view of all employee requests awaiting his approval on the portal. This view needs to be on an additional page with all the employee application approvals pending for him to review. Additionally, the manager needs to be able to click on an individual employee request and approve or reject the request via a button. An input field for the manager is also required so that he can leave a comment justifying his decision to approve or decline.

These are minimal changes in the behavior of the portal that a manager and an employee have — all achievable through Titan.

Titan’s Business Solution for Efficient Web Applications

Before using the access control feature, the organization would have to create two different projects in Titan Web with everything duplicated:

One project would be for managers.
And the other project for employees.

The workflow process above is a huge problem! Why? 

For example, If you need to change data in a ticket on the internal employee portal, someone would need to change the information across these two projects. The projects are not connected and will need modification changes across all projects for consistency and accuracy.

Since the data and projects are the same, someone must maintain stability across all projects.

Project Maintenance
Project Maintenance

You Want Business Solutions? Titan has them!

Now that the organization has access control enabled on its internal employee portal, it can have one project and use rules to ensure approvals for vacations are visible only to managers and not employees.

Remember that the approve and reject buttons will only be visible for managers, but the rest of the information displayed on the web portal is the same for all audiences.

The single portal makes your business operations much easier! Your organization only needs to maintain one project from now on with Titan. All data is in one place, and all employees view information on the same portal besides the portions you set up to be different with access control.

Titan can expand this use case example to include C-level executives. Executives need to see another dashboard of data, such as the income or revenue of the company. In contrast, managers or employees do not need to view this business data. Again, Titan can hide this sensitive page and data from everyone and make it available only for C-level executives.

Best Practice Tips and Tricks

Titan has exclusive solutions for your business. Keep reading to take a look at some of the content we pulled from our experts that you can use in your everyday workflow processes.

Types of Permissions that can be set with Access Control

Essentially, the access control feature allows a business to set permissions based on who logs into a Titan project. Titan can easily track who logs into a project using its agile SmartV offering. Here is a compact list of permissions that admins can set up in a Titan project:

salesforce pink tick
Set up visibility for different types of audiences.
salesforce pink tick
Decide who has access to editing elements in your project.
salesforce pink tick
Fine-tune what audiences can do in the project.
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And so much more!

What a Project with Access Control Looks like for Audiences

A user logs into a project in two ways with their email address and 2-Factor authentication code:

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Log in as an employee – a user with some permissions.
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Log in as an executive – a user with full permissions.

In a nutshell, you can use Titan to set up your web project to dynamically show appropriate content depending on who logs into your application.

For example, an employee that logs into your web project will see a banner that says “Welcome Employee“ whereas an executive that logs into the project will view a banner that reads “Welcome Executive“ by Titan. 

Targeted Content
Targeted Content

Amplify your Permissions with Titan

Remember that we have chosen employee and executive as specific roles in our example, but you can choose any names for the roles of your audiences.

Have a look at the table below to see an example of how a business can set up permissions between employees and executives:

Editing FieldsCan edit certain fields. For example:

Access to edit 2 out of 10 fields on a Power Table.
Can edit all fields. For example:

Access to edit 10 out of 10 fields on a Power Table.
Visibility of ColumnsCan see certain columns in a Power Table:

Access to view 6 out of 10 columns on a Power Table.
Can see all columns in a Power Table:

Access to view 10 out of 10 columns on a Power Table.
ActionsIs only able to access specific tasks based on specific role:

For example, a task for an executive will not be visible and editable to an employee.
Is only able to access specific tasks based on specific role:

For example, a task for an employee will not be visible and editable to an executive. 

With Titan’s access control feature, creating permissions to edit and view content is all possible and effortless. An added benefit is that a single project layout will differ per logged-in end-user based on their role!

Custom Security Solutions with Titan’s SmartV

Configure the SmartV Login feature and decide who is allowed into the Titan web project. Once you allow users into your project with SmartV you can set up access control to determine what an audience can interact with and see.

Remember to turn on the access control toggle when configuring SmartV and determine your parameters and fields. This set-up will enable the business to determine the specific audience role or profile.

Titan provides a picklist field with two options: user and admin. You can additionally use a field from Salesforce objects to determine the level of access needed for your web project. 

Get Going with Titan’s Access Control

After configuring SmartV, find your access control settings under the User Access menu.

Now you can go ahead and set up the permissions for each of your user roles. Some examples of roles you could try out include:

salesforce pink tick
Guest User
salesforce pink tick
Fallback Role
salesforce pink tick
Basic User
salesforce pink tick
Admin User

Bear in mind that you can create any role names that suit your organizational needs!

Role Names
Role Names

Titan has the Best Resources

With Titan’s access control settings, you can efficiently complete the following tasks for all your audiences:

salesforce pink tick
Add as many roles as you need.
salesforce pink tick
Edit the names of a role.
salesforce pink tick
Duplicate pre-existing roles for faster setup.
salesforce pink tick
Delete outdated or incorrect roles.
salesforce pink tick
Edit the SmartV parameter values – This value determines how users are categorized into roles. Depending on which role a user belongs to will determine which set of permissions the audience will have.
salesforce pink tick
Filter through all your pages in a web project and set access and visibility permissions for audiences.
salesforce pink tick
Filter through all your elements in a web project and set default, hidden, enabled, or disabled permissions for end audiences.
salesforce pink tick
Filter through all your actions in a web project and set Salesforce rules for audiences.

Don’t miss out on Titan!

Access control allows you to take one project and assign profiles or roles to everyone in your organization.

You can completely decide what will be visible, disabled, enabled, and even hidden per profile and element in the web project.

Here’s What you are in for with Titan

Upskill your teams fast and considerably with Titan’s engaging user interface for access control. With 100% no-code and just clicks you will have permissions set up for your web projects in just a few minutes!

Visit Titan’s YouTube channel for extra video tutorials to help establish your Titan web project permissions or read our SmartV Access Control article to discover how to set up and manage different roles for your authenticated users.

Let’s Get Started!

Thank you for taking the time to read our best practice article. Titan can help you create custom web projects for any Salesforce use case you can imagine. So reach out to us on one of our social media channels below to join the Titan platform today. We hope to see you soon!

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