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Salesforce Monitoring Tools: Titan Solutions via the Dashboard

Why do we need to CRM Monitoring with Titan?

Why do we need to monitor Titan? Well, a number of Titan customers implement critical processes on top of our platform such as onboarding processes, as well as generating and sending quotes. In such instances, being able to monitor Titan processes and our Titan servers becomes crucial to tracking important business processes.

What are the Different Ways to use Titan Monitoring?

There are a number of ways to monitor your Titan Solution, such as via Status | FormTitan and Titan API Infrastructure, see our articles on How to Monitor and View Titan Server Status and How to use logs to audit your solution built on Titan?

This article will show you how to monitor your solution via your Dashboard.

What are the Requirements for Salesforce Application Monitoring?

You will need a Titan Account.

Steps to be followed:


  • First login to your Titan Account. On the dashboard you can monitor usage, statistics, and errors to get full insight into your system In the image below, you can see API Calls, documents generated, storage status, projects, editors, and collaborators:
Titan Dashboard
Titan Dashboard
  • The above statistics will show live, and in real-time. View the API Calls tab to track API calls made. If more than 2% of API calls have integration errors, then the Integration errors hyperlink will display, as seen in the image below:
Integration Errors
Integration Errors

Best Practice Tips on Titan for Salesforce

Monitoring your Titan solution via your Dashboard gives you powerful tools for tracking API Calls, Integrations, and Document Generation. Use Titan’s monitoring tools for full insight into important Titan processes, which directly impact your business.

Take some time and explore Titan in detail by checking us out below. We are just a click away:

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